Jalbum 8.1 and Widgets launched!

Jalbum widgets


We have been running Jalbum 8.1 in beta mode for quite some time now to test the new Jalbum Widgets. Finally we are ready to officially launch this baby!

With the release of Jalbum Widgets, you can for the first time incorporate face detection and tagging, build conversations around images, monitor popularity and enable any viewer to spread the word. And best of all, Jalbum Widgets work on any site!

The Widgets we launch today are:

Comments – add context to your Jalbums or individual photos and invite to dialogue with your visitors!

Visitor Counts -  simple tracking counter to determine the popularity of individual images. Build understanding of your audience’s interests.

About – displays more information about the album and the yourself. It also allows for easy browsing between your albums.

Sharing - allowing Facebook, Myspace, Digg and other social interaction site sharing in a simple and intuitive way.

Name Tagger – award-winning Polar Rose Name Tagger Widget lets you sort, search, and share albums based on who appear in the photos.

We hope you'll like these new gadgets as much as we do :)

So, what are you waiting for? Download Jalbum 8.1 and try out Widgets now!



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DaSphinx 10 years ago

Commentaire qui sert à rien

Carl Manneh

Carl Manneh 11 years ago

smoelenboek, log into the software and publish an album. After publishing you can add Widgets from your "Albums" page here on jalbum.net.


smoelenboek 11 years ago

Just installed 8.1 over the previous version... I can see no difference exept for the versionb number... :-( Where do I find the widges panel??? Probably my fault, I'm a real dumbo if it comes to searching..


Dor 11 years ago

Fotoplayer does not yet support Widgets, we hope to get all skins to work with them soon. Our fantastic developer community is working on it.


vcarole 11 years ago

Fotoplayer is not included in update. Why is this?


Dor 11 years ago

Finally! I just love those Widgets :)