jAlbum 16.2 news

The newly released jAlbum 16.2 comes with two new handy improvements, both a result of requests from you. If you're missing something, let us know!

Adjust camera date

jAlbum now has a function to adjust the EXIF camera date of JPEG images (i.e. the "date taken/original" date). The function works on both individual images and groups of images/folders. Just right click and select "Adjust camera date...". Up pops a dialogue looking like this:


(The date format adapts to your region, here showing Swedish formatting)


Simply select the value (day, month, year, hours, minutes, seconds) you like to adjust, then use the spinner buttons or keys Up and Down to adjust the value. If you have selected multiple images you now also have the option to either set the same new date for all images or to adjust each image by the amount/difference you have entered.

The adjustment is undoable while jAlbum is running.

Duplicate files

jAlbum's Explore view (the thumbnail view) is designed to feel like a file manager, but  with emphasis on image management. You've probably noticed many similarities with it and your computer's file manager, still it has missed a convenient way to duplicate files and folders. Now this has changed. Simply select one or many items, then hit CTRL/CMD + C followed by CTRL/CMD + V to duplicate the selected items.


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