iPhoto to JAlbum Exporter

When I got my first Mac in 2005 (coming from Windows, as a happy JAlbum user) I was fascinated by iPhoto -- for the first time photo handling was easier than ever (at least for me). Importing images from the camera, managing folders/albums/captions/comments, diashows, ordering prints - everything in one single application, which is also tightly integrated into the operating system and a lot of free- and shareware dealing with imaging. However, when it comes to publishing photos to the web iPhoto has major drawbacks (in my opinion). I tried a lot of software, including Apple's own solutions and various free- and shareware. But none of these iPhoto addons satisfied me and also none reached the feature-richness and easy handling of JAlbum. So I decided to continue using JAlbum and as a bridge between iPhoto and JAlbum I wrote a small tool, iPhoto to JAlbum Exporter, which exports one or more albums from iPhoto together with their captions and comments and stores them in a way that JAlbum can process them. The album hierarchy as well as the album and image order are preserved during the export. With the help of iPhoto to JAlbum Exporter creating a JAlbum page from an iPhoto album has become a simple 2-step process.


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