Improved image review with jAlbum 17

Present your best images. The new review mode of jAlbum 17 helps you to quickly compare images side by side, zoom, tag and rate them. 

Taking photos is only part of the work. One easily ends up with hundreds of images. Now comes the challenging part wading through this pile in search of the best ones so you don't bore your viewers. Here's where jAlbum 17 really simplifies matters with its brand new review mode. Simply select one or a few images and hit space bar to bring these up for comparison in a full screen view:





The thumbnail strip

If you move the mouse to the bottom, a thumbnail strip will pop up, allowing you to quickly navigate between your images. Use CTRL and SHIFT+clicks to select multiple images and ranges.

The selected images can now be quickly rated or excluded with a button click. Use keys 0-5 to rate and "-" to toggle exclude/include. You can also use keys 6-9 to apply various flags to your images.

Operating on individual images

When you move the mouse on top of the closeup images, the hovered image will highlight. Keys 0-9 and "-" will now rate, flag and exclude that highlighted image only. This allows you to quickly work your way through the images. (You can naturally use the mouse too).

Zooming and panning

To inspect part of an image, simply point it and right click or use the mouse wheel to zoom in. A double click will close in on that image only (if you're reviewing multiple images)

Keyboard navigation

Simply use the left and right arrow keys to navigate back and forth. Use SHIFT+left or SHIFT+right to bring up the next or previous image next to the existing one.

Presenting the best

To finally present the best images in a gallery, hit ESC to leave review mode and make the album. The excluded images won't show. If you instead wish to only present your, say 5 and 4 star images in a gallery, then you can do as follows:

  • Hit CTRL+F to bring up jAlbum's filter bar
  • Select stars 1,2 and 3. Now only these low-star images show
  • Hit CTRL+A to select this group.
  • Hit "-" (minus key) to exclude this group
  • Close the filter bar and make the album

I hope this new review mode will be a real time-saver for you! All available in jAlbum 17!


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