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Hi everyone,

I like free. (Don't we all?) Since 2002, jAlbum has been free of charge for both commercial and non commercial use. We have charged for our storage, but not for our application. However, a majority of our users use jAlbum for their own sites and don't feel they need a jAlbum account. At least they don't want to pay for something they don't use. This is fully understandable and we actually support the fact that jAlbum albums are used on web servers around the world, cause unlike other photo sharing services, we don't think you should be forced to "put all eggs in one basket".

Over the years we've tried different ways of generating revenue indirectly, like hosting, donations, ads, affiliate deals and printing, all with the aim to be able to keeping our base product free. However, the truth of the matter is that it just doesn't cut it. For jAlbum 10, we're therefore introducing a "Pro License" that enables you to use jAlbum without any credit links, nags or ads and we're also changing our license model from "Free" to "Free for non commercial use", so if you're a commercial user of jAlbum, you either need to purchase a Pro License to use version 10 and onwards or use a Premium or Power subscription. (The Premium and Power subscriptions have the Pro License baked in for the duration of the subscription period).

The Pro License is priced at €39 ($55). It doesn't expire and it's valid for all 10.x versions of our software. Don't worry, we won't be releasing a v11 within a month, and when we finally do (give it a year), we will offer a fair upgrade path to existing license holders.

I trust that you understand and support this step. We believe this enables us to continue developing and offering jAlbum for free for the many non commercial users in the world, and professionals get a high quality well supported product free of ads, nags and credit links.

We're thankful to all of you who have supported us in various ways. Without your help, we wouldn't have come this far. I'm thinking of those of you who have donated, helped with translations, developed skins and supported other users. Those of you who've donated €10 ($10) or more to us during 2011 will get a 50% discount on the Pro License if you order a Pro License before the end of this month. Just state "YOUROCK" at the order page

For the rest of you, we wish to celebrate the launch of the Pro License too. We therefore offer you 20% discount until the end of this month. Just state "GOPRO" at the order page.


Best regards


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