Breezebook is discontinued


Posted May 30, 2011

by Dor

We are sorry to inform you that we have decided to discontinue the Breezebook product line. We are very proud of the quality of the Breezebook, but unfortunately sales haven't met our expectations. Instead we will now focus on the things that we do best, helping our users to create stunning photo album presentations for the web.

For those of you out there that still want to print photo books we have renewed our partnership with our old friends at Blurb. Being the leading photo book service in the world, no one knows great quality book products better than them. We are currently working on better integrating our two services, but meanwhile you can use the existing Blurb software to create your very own photo book.

/jAlbum team


Visit our printing partner, for great photo books at great prices!

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hoevel 7 years ago

I had an album printed with Blurb. Today it arrived here in Germany: very fast, very good, very easy to make. It like it!!!

Kristoffer Jelbring

Kristoffer Jelbring 7 years ago

@IAN GORDON: As explained in the post, we can't continue offering a product that cost us more than we earn from it. Blurb will let you produce the same type of book so check them out!


IAN GORDON 7 years ago

You . . . . ?!?
You had something that was quite unique, and you discontinued it ? ! ?

This is beyond my comprehension.

Kristoffer Jelbring

Kristoffer Jelbring 7 years ago

@halfcj: Unfortunately we don't have a complete integration with Blurb in place yet.


halfcj 7 years ago

I now wanted to order more of an album I made for a client, but can't even find it in my account so that I can order with blurb!...or someone else?

Martin Milinovsky

Martin Milinovsky 7 years ago

What a pity! I ordered one book and it really was wonderful and I like the a little bit 'other' look than the products you get elsewhere. OK, the shipping was expensive, but I think it was it worth.

Kristoffer Jelbring

Kristoffer Jelbring 7 years ago

Thanks for your feedback guys! Blurb will be able to provide you with equally good products. As soon as the new integration is in place, I will write a blog post on how to create a Breezebook format book using Blurb.


casachitti 7 years ago

A bit of a shame as I liked the ease of use, but it was so expensive to ship it to Norway that it wasn't worth the price.

Dick Brewster

Dick Brewster 7 years ago

I didn't use Breezebook because it didn't appear to be able to do what I wanted so I didn't get to experience it's quality.

Blurb, OTOH, is exactly what I have been looking for. If you do some integration to make it easier to use, that will be even better, although it looks easy to use now.