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In a previous blog post we told you about the project Jalbum Blog badge (beta) we are working on. It allows bloggers to place a widget in the sidebar of their blog that automatically updates with thumbnails to each album published with Jalbum. We're still keeping it in beta to test things out and to add new features, like Blogger support and as a Wordpress Plug-in. It's great to see that people are already starting to use it. Here's user helensgallery who just started a blog and inserted the Jalbum Blog badge (beta). She's using the Media RSS file from her Jalbum albums and a Blogger slide-show tool to display her Jalbums in a visual way, check it out.

Helenes Media RSS picture

She is using the same Blog badge as this blog has placed in the column to the right ("Featured albums"). It invites her visitors for more exploring. Visit Helen's blog to see how it looks like.

 Helens blog
(note: this is just a picture)


Here are a few other bloggers using Jalbum badge:


Keep sending feedback to Kristoffer, he's crunchin' bugs and feature requests like there's no tomorrow :)

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Motorrad Weiterbildungszentrum

Motorrad Weiterbildungszentrum 10 years ago

Great work... But i love to have a iframe integration... ;)

Carl Manneh

Carl Manneh 13 years ago

You're welcome Helene. Great work on the integration!


CLOSED USER 13 years ago

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