Do you often take photos that have bad contrast, brightness and/or colors? Then when you want to make your albums, you do not know how to improve them? Here comes a solution.

Now jAlbum has an "Auto Correction"-Tool that can be added to jAlbum as a plugin. You can apply auto correction to a whole album or just to single pictures.  It will improve the quality of your photos/albums a lot.



1. Auto Contrast:

The goal of auto contrast is to get a correct exposure and to make use of the full contrast spectrumIt uses the luminance histogram.

At first, the brightness is balanced around the center. Afterwards, the contrast is enhanced to make use of the full color spectrum (from dark to bright). Extreme colors that make up less than 0.1% of the image aren't considered.


2. Auto Levels:

Auto Levels uses the same algorithm as Auto Contrast but adjusts each channel from RGB individually. 


3. Auto Colors:

The goal of auto Colors is to correct the color tint of images that are either too red, green or blue. The algorithm will only touch images where one or some of the colors are clearly over exposed (cut from the right hand side of a histogram). In such case, the strength of that color is somewhat lowered.


End user usage

You can apply auto correction to individual images from within jAlbum's edit panel. Per default all three algorithms are adjusted to your photo. But it is also possible to just choose one or two if you think that looks better for you image. If "Auto Colors" can't be applied to your photo, it is greyed out.


Skin usage

Skin developers can also use the auto correct filter. The filter implements the JAFilter interface so it behaves like any of jAlbum's classic image filters. Here's a short code sample that shows how a skin can apply auto correction to all images of an album:



AutoCorrectionFilter auto = new AutoCorrectionFilter();



 T o add the auto correction tool to jAlbum, just download it to your computer, then  double click it or drop it onto jAlbum to have it installed.


If you want to see what I really done or improve the ArtyFilters, you can download the source code. 


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Wojtek 12 years ago

ErlyOUT, thank's, but in jAlbum if I I make slow resolutions and big compression it dsnt work, finally my album is big.
Could you write step by step how can I do it to decrease my finaly album ?
Many thanks.

Jeff Tucker

Jeff Tucker 12 years ago

@Wojtek: There's no need to have the filters resize pictures. When you choose "Link to scaled-down images only," and set Image Bounds, the core jAlbum program resizes the pictures. Is there some reason that isn't doing what you want?


Wojtek 12 years ago

how change a picture sizes ? Normaly shout be easy and automaticly like in facebook isnt ? Many thanks for an answer.

Jeff Tucker

Jeff Tucker 12 years ago

@Rob Ricci: Open one image for editing, choose the "Auto" tool, hit "Apply," then leave editing mode, so that you're back to the thumbnails. Now right-click the thumbnail of the image you just edited, and choose Image Tools, Copy. Now select all of the thumbnails (just hit CTRL-A), right-click, and choose Image Tools, Paste.

Rob Ricci

Rob Ricci 12 years ago

"You can apply auto correction to a whole album ..."

How to do this?


angkan 12 years ago

i faced java screept error?How can I uninstall Auto-Correction-Tool from Jalbum?

Ken Apthorpe

Ken Apthorpe 12 years ago

Thanks EarlyOut, that works. The error seems to result from the version of Java my system is running on (1.5). I sent error message to Helpdesk. Helpdesk says:
Ah, you are using Java 1.5. jAlbum _should_ run with Java 1.5, but we have only Java 1.6 machines here, so we can't currently test with Java 1.5. So it could be the case where some part of jAlbum has been compiled as Java 1.6 only. But that must have been a mistake....

I'll upgrade my system and get Java 1.6 which should fix my problem. Unless more than two have the problem it doesn't seem worth starting a forum thread. But if you disagree, I will.

Jeff Tucker

Jeff Tucker 12 years ago

I'm not seeing any error in jAlbum when using the tool - please start a thread in the forum about it, including the complete error message.

In any event, to remove a user-installed tool, from within jAlbum choose Tools, Open Directories, Config directory, go to the "ext" folder, and delete the tool you want to eliminate.


Doxiec 12 years ago

I've same problem like this "How can I uninstall Auto-Correction-Tool from Jalbum? It is giving me javascript errors on Make Album."

Ken Apthorpe

Ken Apthorpe 12 years ago

How can I uninstall Auto-Correction-Tool from Jalbum? It is giving me javascript errors on Make Album.


ugurakgoz 12 years ago



a-lex 12 years ago

Hurray, a new breeze visiting jAlbum and may you bring more of your fresh fruit. Thanks for sharing your skills. We'll enjoy it.


mrag 12 years ago

Quite excellent. Given my photographic skill level, a welcomed edition. As with the other image tools, Auto Correction is applied to both the thumb and slide. The original is NOT touched. Thanks.