Do you want to give your photos or albums a certain atmosphere? Then you could use jAlbums new "ArtyFilter" that can be added to jAlbum as a plugin. It includes 8 different filters that you can apply to your photos to give them an artistic style.


The ArtyFilters use a variety of different techniques to give your images a unique expression. The palette of techniques include overlays, border masks, color tints, brightness and contrast adjustment and textures. Enough talking. If an image speaks a thousand words, then an album should speak ten thousand words :-), so here's a sample album that demonstrates the different effects:



To apply the artistic filters to individual images from within jAlbum's edit panel, just install the plugin and restart jAlbum, then "Edit" an image within jAlbum and click the Arty icon (a flower).

To apply an effect to all images of an album, you can open jAlbum's Advanced album settings->User variables and specify the filters like this sample shows:

filter1 | class=net.jalbum.filters.arty.effects.DaisyFilter


The names of each filter are as follows:

Here you actually have the ability to specify several filters to be applied in sequence, so you can enter two user variables, like this:
filter1 | class=net.jalbum.filters.arty.effects.DaisyFilter 
filter2 | class=net.jalbum.filters.arty.effects.SnowdropFilter

Usage from within skins

The Arty selector componentThis tool includes a component that shows the eight effects on a sample image at a time. It's integrated in the plugin and skin developers can actually embed it in their skin setting panels too. The whole Arty tool can also be bundled with a skin (just put it inside the "lib" folder of your skin).

All filters implements the JAFilter interface so it behaves like any of jAlbum's classic image filters. Here's a short code sample that shows how a skin can include the selector component of the artistic filters. So the user can choose the atmosphere of his album. You can pass a BufferedImage if you want the selector to use your own sample image.

In onload.bsh: 

 import net.jalbum.filters.arty.*;
import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;
import javax.imageio.ImageIO;

ControlPanel ui = new ControlPanel() {
BufferedImage bi;
ArtySelector arty;
try {
bi = File("/Users/sarah/Pictures/pink_small.jpg"));
arty = new ArtySelector(bi);
} catch (IOException ex) {
System.out.println("Image not found. Sample image used.");
arty = new ArtySelector();

add("br", arty);


 In init.bsh:

 import net.jalbum.filters.arty.*;

Effect fl = Effect.valueOf(arty);

If you as skin developer want to decide which filter should be used then you just have to write in init.bsh:

 import net.jalbum.filters.arty.effects.*;

engine.addFilter(new PinkFilter());


 To add the ArtyFilter tool to jAlbum, just download it to your computer, then double click it or drop it onto jAlbum to have it installed.


If you want to see what I really done or improve the ArtyFilters, you can download the source code.


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David Ekholm

David Ekholm 7 years ago

@Mike, Yes, there is nothing as powerful as an example, and why not use a jAlbum album for it

Mike Jones

Mike Jones 7 years ago

Great idea to show the effects in a sample album. So I can see what the filters are do with the original picture.

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 8 years ago

I understand the wish for a Wordpress plugin, but it's a bit of a challenge to blend jAlbum with Wordpress. Just search for Wordpress within jAlbum's user forum for comments. All at


Roy 8 years ago


Anders Callertun

Anders Callertun 8 years ago

The mime-type for "jaext" wasn't set up in our web server, and IE tries to be "intelligent" and looks at the content of a file to set the extension if the mime-type is missing. That's why the file got renamed if downloaded with IE. I've fixed that now so IE should keep the .jaext extention.


a-lex 8 years ago

Innovative sara ☀ Your additions are like bright sun to jAlbum. Bring us more of this cool ☁ stuff ☺


sachhj 8 years ago

Thanks Al Geddis, I found the correct download in the thread that you provided.



sachhj 8 years ago

If you click on the download links above the file is called not Artyfilter.jaext

Am I missing semething?



mrag 8 years ago

does this help clarify?
@sachhj 9357&tstart=0

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 8 years ago

@sachhj, although the Artyfilter.jaext file is technically a zip file, you shouldn't unzip it. If jAlbum is installed right on your computer, you should see a jigsaw icon when you view the file, and double clicking it should install it in jAlbum. Don't unzip it, either double click it or drop it onto the jAlbum window to install it. When the tool is installed, you will find an "Arty" flower icon in the panel of image tools to the right of the image you're editing in jAlbum.


sachhj 8 years ago

I do not understand these intructions: "To add the ArtyFilter tool to jAlbum, just download it to your computer, then double click it or drop it onto jAlbum to have it installed."

I downloaded and saved the zip file. Double clicking opens the zip for extract. Then what?

Dragging the zip to the jAlbum icon appeared to do something but I don't know what. How can I tell if the tool is installed?

Please be more specific.



Willi2stein 8 years ago

Great idea to show the effects in a sample album. So I can see what the filters are do with the original picture.