...and the winners are

We've received tremendous feedback and comments on the first event in the series of Theme Shoots with Jack Hollingsworth. The hundreds of participating Jalbumers also seem to have made an impression on Jack : "I'm blown away by all the talent shown in the Jalbum community. Thank you for all the great submission to the Close-up theme shoot." Jack has now reviewed all the submitted albums and it's time to announce the winners!

Close up   Nature's treasures   Trials on Details and light
Ozinka / Zdenka   Discover / Rosita   Marie Ancolie

Jack's motivation:

For great use of creative compositions with outstanding depth of field and bokeh. The interplay of light, colors, sharp details and softer out of focus areas is true art. quote


Jack's motivation:

For wonderful use of light and colors. The theme is consistently tied together, but also very nicely varied in choice of subject. quote


Jack's motivation:

For showcasing a beautiful lesson in close-up photography. Brilliant technique and use of light, you can tell that Marie is a perfectionist. quote


Congrats to all three of you! We will upgrade/extend your Jalbum premium accounts by one year. Also, enjoy the exposure in this newsletter, this blog post and being featured albums on Jalbum.

For the rest of us, there is a new chance to win in the next Theme Shoot event, which will be "Portrait photography". Stay tuned.

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Sternen-Paradies 14 years ago

Auch aus Deutschland, herzlichen Glückwunsch !!!


snappypixels 14 years ago

Thanks Jack for the experience.I have such a collection in my mind from so many photographers to see so many different angles to go with. I am sparked for sure. I have never seen the close up world as what it can be before...

Jack Hollingsworth

Jack Hollingsworth 14 years ago

great job winners. and great job yo the rest of you that contributed but didn't win. keep clickin' away. terrific stuff!!!!!


Dor 15 years ago

Thank you Marie for encouraging words Marie. Makes a cold froggy all warm inside! :)


CLOSED USER 15 years ago

(user closed)


honeybee 15 years ago

Brilliant work by all three photographers. Am inspired to go and get in closer still :-) ...and get some pics posted in time for the next theme!!! Well done the winners.


bugsman 15 years ago

Congratulations to all!! Outstanding work.


Ktee 15 years ago

Congratulations to the winners!!!
It was a great learning experience.


amerinka 15 years ago



Marl1een 15 years ago

Sincere congratulations to all three of you. Deserved winners with truely amazing photography.


Rayke 15 years ago

Congrats to the winners. Well done and trully deserved.


macdafydd 15 years ago

Llongyfarchiadau to the three of you. Well deserved!


jlos 15 years ago

Hurrah for the three winners! Shooting and camera data are excellelent learning resources, it´s a pity that none is available for the trhee collections. We are all eager to learn & enjoy.


TomSmit 15 years ago

All congratulated.


sandysewin 15 years ago

Congrats to the winners. You all truly deserve the win! I'm inspired to go and do better. :-)