Slider 1.2.0

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Laca Molnar Laca Molnar
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Slider is a one-page album skin with many customization options, slideshow, smooth transitions and keyboard navigation. IE6 is not supported, IE7 has some flaws but works.

Использует JavascriptЭффект(ы) переходаИмеет функцию слайд-шоуОтображает данные Exif ​​/ Iptcподдержка виджетов jAlbumПоддерживает папкиБесплатно
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1.2.0 17.02.2015 (Текущий)

- Added Dark style
- Large preview when sharing through Facebook

- Facebook button
- Title is covered partly by the left and right panels, so you could not hit the slideshow button when the title was too long
- Various bug fixes

1.1.0 01.04.2014

New features:
- Added slider speed setting (in milliseconds)
- Added slide movement control: linear / smooth / elastic
- Added option to remove the reflection filter

1.0.4 18.12.2012

- extra "<body></head>" in HTML code

1.0.3 05.04.2011

- Removed sponsor link
- Simplified credit links

1.0.2 29.10.2010

- Added magnifying glass cursor for images with originals (not working on IE yet)

1.0.1 28.10.2010

Several bugfixes, added help, changed default size.

1.0.0 26.10.2010

Initial release

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Лицензия Pro на jAlbum 12.x

5 месяцев назадWeddingTropics

Hello Laca. I am a Pro registered user, yet the remove links at the footer option is not available. Is this somewhere I am not seeing it or still cannot remove at this time? Thanks, love the skin!

Robert Graham
Лицензия Pro на jAlbum 12.x

10 месяцев назадRobert Graham

I really like the your slider skin, particularly the drop reflection Can I turn off the white border around the photo? I don't like the border for this project I'm working on and there doesn't seem to be a setting for that. Thanks

Laca Molnar

10 месяцев назадLaca Molnar

Set the "Settings / Slider / Design / Border width" to 0.

Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins имеет подписку на Могучее хранилище

11 месяцев назадStephen Collins

I installed the skin and tried to use with a project with 12 images that had been using Turtle. Slides and thumbnail folders have 12 images as expected, but the index page only has 1 image and slideshow doesn't do anything. Any idea what might be wrong?

Laca Molnar

11 месяцев назадLaca Molnar

What happens when you click the only one image? Isn't this a folder?

Stephen Collins

11 месяцев назадStephen Collins

Clicking on it does nothing; I do see arrows pop up when I hover to the side, but they don't do anything. When I hover over the 1 thumbnail on the bottom, I get a popup of the description, but nothing else happens anywhere.

Stephen Collins

11 месяцев назадStephen Collins

Also, the slideshow doesn't work; I get popup text to start it, but clicking does nothing.

Stephen Collins

11 месяцев назадStephen Collins

I'm using Slider 1.1.0 & JAlbum 12.1.8

Laca Molnar

11 месяцев назадLaca Molnar

Can you please upload and drop me a link. Perhaps you used an apostrophe in the file or a folder name.

Stephen Collins

11 месяцев назадStephen Collins

I have it on my website for now at: Thanks for looking!

Laca Molnar

11 месяцев назадLaca Molnar

This is the only image that was processed in the album. Perhaps the others are not JPG's or excluded (check the red sings on the thumbnails).

Stephen Collins

11 месяцев назадStephen Collins

It did generate 12 slides and thumbnails and appeared to build the album completely. The other 11 images are all TIF files, which I've been using all along, while the 1 that works is a JPG.

Laca Molnar

11 месяцев назадLaca Molnar

Yep, that's the problem. Slide is old enough to not handle TIF files, as this possiblilty is relatively new to jAlbum.

Fabricio Espasande
Лицензия Pro на jAlbum 12.x

год назадFabricio Espasande

Nice work Mr. Molnar. Is it possible to put a background image on this one?

Laca Molnar

год назадLaca Molnar

No, unfortunately, as the side images (previous/next) are covered by a gradient to fade, so the background could never shine through. You can't even change the background color.

Toshiaki Koike
Toshiaki Koike имеет подписку на Премиальное хранилище

2 лет назадToshiaki Koike

Thank you for your comment. I upgraded the latest version. But there is a problem to me. Both side images of centre one are disappeared. I chose your skin because it's able to show the centre image was linked before one and next one clearly. That's why I wanted adjust the distance between images. Is it available to make the same design by the setting like before?

Laca Molnar

2 лет назадLaca Molnar

It should be the same as before, I haven't changed anything regarding the previous/next images. Can you please drop me a link so I can check out. (You can send me in private to laza @