PhotoStack 2.1.1

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Эта оболочка более двух лет не обновлялась и может не работать с текущей версией jAlbum.


This skin presents your pictures as a virtual stack of photos. It uses the flash software at The software is a bit old, but it is still useful.

- Integrates the Flash Photo Stack software into JAlbum.
- Optionally supports a directory tree.
- Optionally supports parent linking.
- Optionally supports help menu.
- All text have been localized and stored in the "texts" directory.
- experimental: add iTunes and Media Server support (see NOTES.media_server for more info)

Some caveats:
- Text can be added by using a text filter:
class=TextFilter valign=bottom align=left color=white text=$comment



Использует Javascriptподдержка виджетов jAlbumИспользует FlashОтображает данные Exif ​​/ IptcБесплатноЭффект(ы) переходаПоддерживает папки
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2.1.1 26.01.2012 (Текущий)

Support Chrome

2.1.0 12.01.2012

- Compatible with jAlbum 10.3
- use URL encoded filenames in XML

2.0.4 21.12.2008

Fix Safari/Chrome support

2.0.3 17.12.2008

- support label captions as well as filename captions
- if no menu panel is requested, then make the slide panel be the main panel.
- Useful for those who want to embed the entire album in a iframe.

Bug fix: resolve doctype problem with IE7

- clean up DOCTYPE line, force it as the first line and use traditional mode
- use css for the menu panel
- turn off all menu scrollbars if requested.
- upgrade to latest swfobject and mootools packages

2.0.2 08.12.2008

- clean up javascript handling for local files in IE7
- properly parse the originalDate

2.0.1 19.11.2008

- supports Jalbum 8.1's widget bar
- optionally support scrollbars in menu. By default, this is set to false.
- hide advanced settings by defaults. Can be made visible by
clicking on "Advanced Mode" in the skin's setting panel.

1.6.0 18.08.2008

- New Features:
- support folder titles in the menu
- Fixes:
- purge unnecessary defaults in hints.jap
- add 'enable javascript warning' even for blank folders.
- turn off scrollbars in the slide section

1.5.3 22.07.2008

- text fields in the skin settings now support undo/redo/cut/paste
- bug fix when dragging folders to Jalbum

1.5.1 21.07.2008

- change gui setting layout
- support color definition via rgb strings
- increase default font size to 11px and horizontal mode to false
- remove "show image", it's not used in this skin
- experimental: add iTunes and Media Server support (see NOTES.media_server for more info)

1.1.2 03.07.2008

- option to auto-display help text at startup
- automate help text justification

1.0.6 30.06.2008

- Make original images work properly
- Change default parent link value to just ".."

1.0.5 26.06.2008

- Ignore the thumbNail row/col settings as it is not used for this skin

1.0.2 24.06.2008

- Allow user to customize the picture frame
- Clean up help text
- Change default for image text filter to comments instead of filename

1.0.0 17.06.2008

Initial release

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Лицензия Pro на jAlbum 11.x

4 лет назадhibish

The code at doesn't work cross browser. if you click fast enough the images disappear.

Лицензия Pro на jAlbum 11.x

4 лет назадrickardoanna

Clearing all old flash player data on the computer made it to work for me (Control panel->Flash player. Go to advanced data and click on button to remove all flash data across browsers). I wrote a note on the web site about for the users that experienced the problem. /Rickard

Jim Berry
Лицензия Pro истекает nullJim Berry является администратором сайтаJim Berry является щедрым донором

4 лет назадJim Berry

There is [a method described here|] that might do the job, but the use of PHP might be a drawback. I haven't checked it out, but it might be possible to replace the PHP part with javascript or some other scripting language?

alt имеет подписку на Премиальное хранилищеalt является разработчиком оболочки

4 лет назадalt

It appears the underlying flash software does not work with the latest flash plugin and the original developer is no longer maintaining it. I need to search for an alternative (that is free). If anybody has a suggestion, let me know.

Ernst Herbert

4 лет назадErnst Herbert

please answer to