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Je kunt de skin ook installeren door hem uit te pakken. dit bestand in de skin map.


Just as the name hints, a very minimalistic skin where your images are in focus. The code is also minimalistic to encourage others to copy and paste from

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6.0.0 10-mei-2016 (Huidige)

* CSS change to prevent browser resizing of images that are shown with borders unless absolutely necessary for responsiveness. This preserves the maximum sharpness of the images. The difference is almost undetectable in Firefox, more noticeable in Chrome and Safari, and very dramatic in IE11 and Edge.
* Option to make the slide pages non-responsive, for purists who don't want any browser resizing of images to occur.

5.0.1 7-apr-2016

Korean translation added

5.0.0 30-okt-2015

* The thumbnail table on the index page is now responsive. It honors your choices of rows and columns until the viewport becomes too narrow for them, at which point it will re-wrap the rows.
* The slide page is now responsive. It honors your image bounds until the viewport becomes too narrow for the image or video, at which point it shrinks, maintaining the aspect ratio.
* Spacing of navigation icons increased to accommodate small touch devices.
* If a "Link to homepage / Address (URL)" is entered in the jAlbum settings, the link is now displayed as a "home" icon on each page (with all the other navigation icons), rather than as a text anchor at the bottom of the page. The hover text on the icon is taken from the entry for "Link to homepage / Text."
* Options to choose what is displayed at the top of the album index pages, folder index pages, and slide pages - e.g., the album title, the album description, the folder name/title, the image title, and so on.
* Album descriptions and folder comments displayed on a index page are limited to the width of the thumbnail table.
* Comments displayed under a slide image or video are now limited to the width of the image or video, and line-wrap to stay within that limit.
* Option to provide on-image navigation. Clicking on the right of the slide image advances to the next image, clicking on the left moves to the previous image. This option is enabled by default.
* Because of the option to provide on-image navigation, the means of accessing original or hi-res images had to be changed. In prior versions, clicking on the slide image opened the original or hi-res image. Now, if you choose "Link to hi-res via scaled images" or "Link to originals via scaled images," a download icon is present on each slide page. It opens the hi-res or original image in a new browser tab or window.
* There is now a single font size for the album - all text items are shown as a proportion (in CSS "rem" units) of that setting. So, if you choose a larger font size for the album, all album text is shown in a proportionally larger size.
* If a thumbstrip is shown on the slide pages, there is now a small marker to indicate the current image, and that thumbnail is no longer an active link, since the visitor is already on that page.
* The thumbstrip now shows seven thumbnails at all times. In prior versions it showed fewer thumbnails on the first and last three slide pages of the album.
* The link to Google Maps on a geotagged image now opens in a new browser tab.
* Settings tabs reorganized to place related items together.
* Tiny internal code changes: simplified <video> tag, a small efficiency tweak in the mediaScale() method, and a minor change to the keyboard navigation script.

4.2.0 25-mrt-2015

* Support for keyboard navigation (Thanks Anders)
* Minor CSS change to eliminate an unwanted outline on videos in some browser/OS combinations. (Thanks jGromit)

4.1.0 15-jan-2015

* Coding for the jQuery hack aimed at site visitors with Firefox under OSX and WinXP removed. Firefox 35 for OSX can now play MP4 videos.
* Visitors using Firefox under WinXP will see an error message indicating that no playable media have been found. Firefox under WinXP can play OGG and WEBM videos, but not MP4's. Prior versions of Minimal used the jQuery hack to present visitors using Firefox under OSX and WinXP with a download of the video. For OSX, this is no longer needed.
* Visitors using IE8 will still be presented with a download of the video. IE8 has no ability to play videos.
* Visitors using all other browsers will see the video - IE9, IE10, IE11, Chrome, Firefox (except under WinXP), Safari, Opera, and virtually all mobile device browsers.

4.0.0 10-sep-2014

* The thumbnail display no longer uses HTML tables, but relies on the flow of HTML to produce rows and columns. As a result, the last row of thumbnails is now automatically centered, even if it contains an odd number of images. The other result of this change is that IE6 and IE7 are no longer supported. Visitors must be using IE8 or better, or any other modern browser.
* Option to display the folder name or title on each index and slide page, with the ability to specify a font size and weight.
* Fixed-shape thumbnails are now set as the default. This can be undone on the skin's settings panel.

3.0.2 21-okt-2013

Wrong tool tip text for homepage link fixed

3.0.1 11-sep-2013

Fix for missing closing link in Google Maps integration

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Harrys is een gulle donor

3 maanden geledenHarrys

Hello, I can only go back to the index page of my website from a Minimal album. Why not, for example to where all my other albums links are listed. Greetings, Hay

David Ekholm

3 maanden geledenDavid Ekholm

When I click the home button from your album I get to Do you have a page where that is not the case?


3 maanden geledenHarrys

Hello David, Problem solved. Later I also asked on the forum elsewhere for help because I felt that the question did not belong here. According Laza I had done nothing wrong. So I started looking for an "external fault". To see my changes I usually use F5 (internet explorer) to refresh the Internet, what did not work this time. After cleaning the Internet temp files with a program (Ccleaner) I could see my changes worked just fine. Thanks, have a nice weekend. Greetings, Hay

David Ekholm

3 maanden geledenDavid Ekholm

Good that it sorted out!

Harrys is een gulle donor

3 maanden geledenHarrys

Hello, I can only go back to the index page of my website from a Minimal album. Why not, for example to where all my other albums links are listed. Greetings, Hay

phillip poulin

4 maanden geledenphillip poulin



7 maanden geleden66tatwood

Hi. Is this skin non-Flash based, so it will work on phones and ipads?

David Ekholm

7 maanden geledenDavid Ekholm

Yes it is plain HTML5

jlloveras heeft een Premium account

2 jaar geledenjlloveras

Me interesaria saber si en esta palntilla se pueden añadir pestañas... como "contacto" donde ver la dirección de email y alguna nota en unas lineas de texto Gracias

David Ekholm

2 jaar geledenDavid Ekholm

Sorry, not yet. Check out our skins section and filter for "Web page support". That will give you many alternatives that supports custom web pages, like "About" or "Contact". ----------- Lo sentimos, no todavía. Echa un vistazo a nuestra sección de pieles y el filtro de "la página web de asistencia". Eso le dará muchas alternativas que admite páginas Web personalizadas, como "Acerca de" o "Contacto".