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Photoblogger is a responsive skin based on Zurb foundation 6. It has numerous social integration options, image slider, enhanced first album, shopping cart, search and tag cloud box. There are two different layout and features sets are avalaible: one for the higher level folders, called "Blog style layout" and one for the deeper folders. You can control the depth for which the blog layout is applied. You can skip this completely.

Please note, in LOCAL PREVIEW some browsers (Chrome, IE) WILL FAIL, because they block local "Ajax" access due to security reasons. Test either in FireFox or jAlbum's built-in browser, or launch Chrome with the "--disable-web-security" command line option. Learn more in the Forum sticky.

Displays EXIF/IPTC dataWeb page supportFreewareSupports foldersBackground musicHas slideshowDisplays mapTouch interface supportPlays audio filesResponsive layoutTransition effect(s)Search within albumPlays video filesUses JavascriptIntegrated shopping cartjAlbum widget support
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Commercial use is only allowed if you have a jAlbum Pro license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


1.7.1 2017/03/27 (current)

New feature:
- ${resPath}, ${rootPath}, ${relPath} is processed in
the seller instructions, so you can link documents
in the root folder or images in the "/res" folder
- ${rootPath} is processed in Continue URL

- "Add to cart" button appears next to Shopping cart's
exluded items (marked with "-")

- Dutch and French translations

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tamisha stephens

tamisha stephens 5日前

hi how do I get a video to be searched by the label box by using keywords or creator


LaFouine1943 23日前

Thank you for your prompt response. While waiting for "photoblogger" and its doc to be finished, I have a few questions: - How to place a different music for each different subfolder of the picture-site ? - How to place long comments with optional reading (eg bubbles, pop up window, ... ?) for:  a/ subfolders  b/ photo / video files Bravo for your skins.

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 23日前

You can't have different music per folder, although you can add multiple songs and the play continues where the visitor has left off in the last folder viewed.

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 23日前

There's no official way of adding long comments as popup yet. I have added the possibility now to add (long) tooltips to tags in the comment, e.g. "This is the short comment. <b data-tooltip="This is the long text...">More.</b>". This will be available with the next skin release.

Markus Kohlhoff

Markus Kohlhoff 2ヶ月前

Hi, is there a trick how to use in Photoblogger the same selling experience as in turtle, i.e. selling options under each individual foto? Thanks, Markus

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 23日前

No detailed shopping cart under the photos, like in Turtle. Perhaps I can add a choice for shop options and quantity when the visitor clicks the "Add to cart" button.


LaFouine1943 23日前

J'ai utilisé à plusieurs reprises le skin "photoblogger" que j'apprécie. En voici un exemple de mes réalisations : J'aimerais disposer d'un manuel d'utilisation complet ( en français ou en anglais) qui me permetrait d'utiliser les nombreux dispositifs que je ne comprends pas et qu'intuitivement je ne suis pas capable d'utiliser sans m'arracher les cheveux.

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar 23日前

No tutorial exist yet, but if you move the mouse over a certain control in the user interface it will show a tool tip explaining the usage. Once I finish with the current skin development I will refresh the help pages. Turtle has one, and there are many similar functions exist.


jfsft 3ヶ月前

Après avoir choisi un thème dans le nuage, le bouton "x" (retour) n'est plus accessible et l'on se retrouve dans un "cu de sac"- Merci pour votre aide.


jfsft 3ヶ月前

After selecting a theme in the cloud, the "x" (return) button is no longer accessible and you are in a "Dead end road"- Thank you for your help.