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Crea un Album fotografico completamente personalizzato con la nostra pluripremiata applicazione jAlbum Desktop. Carica l'Album sul tuo sito o sul tuo Account in

Un software gratuito per creare foto album per web

Crea album fotografici online utilizzando le tue immagini o filmati grazie a questo software gratuito. jAlbum include strumenti per organizzare e modificare le immagini, ed è stremamente flessibile nel generare le presentazioni. Scegli tra centinaia di incredibili Template (Temi), o crea la tua Template personalizzata per generare una Galleria; che potrai caricare su qualsiasi sito utilizzando il supporto FTP di jAlbum. jAlbum è uno strumento potente ma facile da usare, utilizzato da appassionati di fotografia e professionisti di tutto il mondo!

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  • There are many photo managers, editors and gallery tools available, both free and paid but frankly, jAlbum sticks out with its simplicity, ease of use, high flexibility and power
  • JAlbum is a free Web photo album and slide show generator that's easy to use yet incredibly versatile
  • "superb"
    This is by far the best web photo gallery program I have tried. The best part is that it is freeware. What more could you ask for.
  • "The best I have come across"
    The best software in photo album creation I have come across. There are so many options which are convenient..and the best thing is that it has a recursive search which works really well if u have a big album. If u are looking to put your snaps on the album, this is the one you have to use..and moreover, it is free! way to go author!
    Anil Kumar
  • I downloaded and run JAlbum the other day and What a surprice! This is incredible, the best of the best! I can't say or thank you enough for this great tool. I have spend hours playing with it at home in the past few days. This is by far the best solution I found, and it is Free!!!! I downloaded many program available on the web for free or shareware, and no one has come close to this! Not even some of the ones I purchase at software stores!!! Your program is the most amazing thing and it is so easy to use. Keep up with your great work, we need more peple like you on the web, Once again, THANKS
    Carlos - Port Chester, NY
  • I found you through just as I needed exactly this type of program. It led me to ver 6.1, which I thought was very cool... now that I've visited the site, I want 7.1 [and I shall have it!]. When I began with computers in the 1980s, you wrote your own programs or used them for anchors, so I appreciate the work what you have done takes. I should wait to ask this, but have you thought of a section to make a self-contained, self-running show slide show for people who do not have a website on which to post? Good work; I like your program better than any album program I have seen.
    Jim V
  • I downloaded your program today, and I can't believe it!!! It's to Photo Albums what Power Point is to Presentations.
    Using the defaults, I was able to immediately create a great looking, fully functional album, which I uploaded to my web site.

    Exploring the menus, I found lots of useful tweaks, which I was able to use without even needing to check the help file or any other help.

    This is absolutely excellent, and the price is certainly right!
    Thanks a whole bunch.
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