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A clean, flexible smooth skin presenting your images with an optional thumbnail bar on any side of the window.

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1.4.11 25-nov-2013 (Corrente)

Added korean guy translation (thank you kolanp)

1.4.10 5-lug-2013

- Fixed a debilitating bug with subfolder support. Thanks jesse1dog for reporting it!

1.4.9 14-mag-2013

- Enhanced to support jAlbum writing absolute URLs in the album.rss

1.4.8 6-mar-2013

- Defaults to using album.xml to prevent problems with hosts not allowing serving of rss files.
- Improved default settings for a few styles.

1.4.7 9-ott-2012

- Added support for image specific comments using widget

1.4.6 10-set-2012

- Scroll thumbnail list when mouse near edge is now default enabled for styles with thumbnails.

1.4.5 27-ago-2012

- Minor API changes. Nothing new on the outside.

1.4.4 7-mag-2012

- Music button is not visible if there is no music in the album.
- Vastly improved SEO of generated album.

1.4.3 27-dic-2011

- Fixed problem with image size when using a long image description.
- Improved handling of description for images. Lumen now handles even very long descriptions nice.

1.4.2 20-dic-2011

- Album RSS can be now specified freely
- Drop shadow can be turned off
- Size and color of gradient part of album can be configured.
- Layout bugfix regarding padding between thumbnails
- New style: Christmas
- Minor adjustments to other styles.

1.4.1 7-set-2011

- Fixed problems with URL encoding, it was responsible for the problems with previewing albums with music and external hosting with music.

1.4.0 31-ago-2011

- Fixed a bug with the fullscreen mode button not being consistent.
- Added an "About.." menu item to the context menu.
- Scroll zone is now default off.
- Major bump in version number to fix broken version number in first version.

1.0.3 24-ago-2011

First public version..

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jim catlin
jim catlin ha un Account Premium

2 anni fajim catlin

Thanks for the skin! is there anyway to disable 'save image' on the mobile version of this skin? Thanks

Wolfgang Schütte
Licenza per jAlbum 12.x

3 anni faWolfgang Schütte

läuft leider nur mit Firefox und nicht mit dem Internetexplorer.

vekariya mital

3 anni favekariya mital

nice your photos

Ferruccio BOTTO
Ferruccio BOTTO ha un Account Premium

3 anni faFerruccio BOTTO

Could any one kindly suggest to an old (84+yr) moron a link explaining how to embed some backgrond music to my Lumen Light jalbums (on a web site)? Thanks, and Season Greetings! NonnoFerro


3 anni fascarduner

How do I remove the control pane/bar from the top of the screen? It's overlapping photos Thanks