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You can also install the skin by unzipping þessa skrá í feldamöppuna.

Krefst að lágmarki eftirfarandi útgáfu af jAlbum

Tiger skin is the successor of the popular Turtle skin, featuring responsive layout and inherited numerous features from Photoblogger skin too.

IMPORTANT! Please read this:

Local preview:
Testing the Local album (Preview) does not work in some browsers with the default settings. This is because Tiger is based on a database (JSON format) to which the access from local HTML files is limited, due to security reasons. jAlbum's built-in browser works, however. If you want to test in Chrome please read this sticky:

Switching from Turtle:
Please note, as Tiger is based on a different language than Turtle, the function calls has changed too. Custom pages therefore might carry old code from Turtle skin, which causes errors.
Install the tool from here: https://jalbum.net/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=52475 to fix the old HTT files - if you had one - after importing a Turtle album into Tiger!

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Notkun í atvinnuskyni er aðeins leyfileg ef þú hefur keypt Pro-leyfi fyrir jAlbum.
Þessum feldi má breyta.


1.0.10 17.7.2017 (núverandi)

- Folder fails if name is containing , & ' ( ) @ and similar characters
- Folder fails if name is containing space(s) and "URL-encode links" is OFF
- Click for previous image works only on the far left side of the image

- New link for Google Maps API key generation
- Explanation added for API key usage

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HenkK í gær

Hallo Laca, Thanks for this Skin, I like it and I implemented is as the successor for Chameleon. I noticed however that in the top and bottom navigation bars the created links are absolute, and refer to the URL within the preview. After uploading to my server the links are incorrect. Would it be possible to change this and create relative links? As a work around I tried to switch of the navigation bars. I found in Tiger/Footer a clickable option to switch off the navigation however that did not work. In Tiger/Header I unchecked all options under "Top Navigation" but still the navigation bar is there. Am I doing something wrong?


$1077358 fyrir 9 dögum

Hello, I tried to transform an album (published with turtle) with tiger (1.0.7 and 1.0.9, jAlbum 14.0.6 mac OSX 10.12.5). I can see the hierarchy, the folders and the thumbs but when I click on a small photo, impossible to se it with its larger type or with lightbox (in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and the jAlbum browser). I tried the four types of links... Maybe I missed a parameter ? Thank's for your help.

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar fyrir 2 dögum

Perhaps you are looking at the local preview in Chrome? Or facing the "URL-encode links" bug? Use the latest version and use the built-in browser for preview.


$1077358 fyrir 2 dögum

With the latest version of the skin uploaded just now (1.0.10) everything is OK. Probably problems with spaces in the names of files. Thank's


radboudh fyrir 6 dögum

Very, very nice skin, but... is it possible to get the thumbs in masonry lay-out (like it was in Turtle)?

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar fyrir 2 dögum

Turtle has never used masonry layout, but maybe I'll implement it in Tiger later.


SIM278 fyrir 12 dögum

Hi, Super skin. If I look at the pictures on my Iphone (Safari and Chrome) then I get the pictures not responsive displayed. The images are displayed very large. Can I change this? Thank you

Laca Molnar

Laca Molnar fyrir 2 dögum

First check if you allow mobiles to use Tiger instead of the automatic mobile replacement: "Albums page / move over the thumbnail / Edit / Disable automatic mobile replacement" = ON. Make sure when you generate the album "Settings / Tiger / Lightbox / Main image / Scaling" is "Fit vertically" or "Fit both". The latter is the better choice for mobiles in portrait mode, the former is better for desktops if you have panorama photos.


astrolabe fyrir 10 dögum

hello Laca, Tiger is a great skin and make nice gallery thank you for this new one best regards from France