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Videos Settings give you control of the conversion process, which uses FFmpeg, from virtually all video formats to the MP4 HTML5 standard.


Sets the compression level and is a compromise between video quality and file size. Start with the default setting and if the quality is not good enough raise the setting and try making the album again.



A drop down menu lets you choose from a range of standard video resolutions such as Full HD, HD, 480p, 360p, 240p or the image bounds as set in Settings/Images. If you want a different size to any of those then you can enter values in place of $videoWidth and $videoHeight (each in two places) in ‘Use custom settings’.

Use custom settings


If you check the 'Use custom settings' box then you can configure the video conversion process, to mp4, as you want.

As an example of custom settings let's add a water mark to all videos in the album. Make your watermark image the same size as the video file (for example 560 x 320 pixels).

To add the watermark image do the following:

1) Add a new line below the existing "-i $inputPath" entry by right clicking and selecting "Insert row".

2) Name this line "-i " (Note the space after the i, otherwise it will not work)

3) The value for this line should be the full path to the watermark image (Mac users for example "/Users/username/My Albums/Album name/WatermarkFile.png").

4) Add another line below this one and name it "-filter_complex" and set its value to "overlay"

5) Click 'Make All' and then preview your videos complete with a watermark.

Some settings, such as the number of threads as shown above start with an indice of 0 which represents one thread.

Tip: if you just want to see how videos look with a skin then you could set -t to 1, to reduce all videos to 1 second length for the first time you make your album.

FFmpeg documentation

The documentation on the options available for configuring FFmpeg is available from ffmpeg.org. There is a link, FFmpeg documentation, to that page at the bottom of the custom settings.

jAlbum uses a static version of ffmpeg, deleting the ffmpeg file from the jAlbum configuration directory and letting jAlbum re-install it will not normally result in an updated version. See this forum post if you want to manually update ffmpeg

Starting with version 13.3 users may switch to the system version of ffmpeg while using the default video settings by replacing ffmpeg in the user's jAlbum bin directory by a link to the system ffmpeg