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jAlbum / Settings

The settings window allows you to control album-wide aspects, any changes made here affects the generated album only. Each album project maintains a unique set of settings. These album-wide settings (unlike image specific settings) needs to be saved with the album project to be persisted so remember to issue File->Save project when you're happy with your new settings. Conversely, to keep your old settings exit the project without saving the changes when prompted, then when you reload the project the original settings will apply. The album project settings are by default stored in a file called "jalbum-settings.jap" under the album project folder; you can however use the 'Save as…' menu to save it with another name and/or in another location.

The settings window is divided into the following sections:


At the bottom there are two buttons: "Ok" and "Apply". You usually only use "Ok" to confirm the settings and close the window, but when in Preview mode, these buttons operate like this:

  • Ok: ok.png Closes the settings window, remakes the album with the current settings and refreshes the preview.
  • Apply: apply.png Remakes the album with the current settings and refreshes the preview.

As "Apply" keeps the settings window open, you can easily play around with the settings and almost instantly see the result by just hitting "Apply".

Note, control of the album produced by jAlbum is ultimately determined by the selected skin. Some settings may not be supported by some skins, or the skins may have their own way of controlling things. If a setting does not have the expected result, for example a linking option not being shown in the album, read the skin's manual/help file, if you still have problems post a question in the appropriate help forum.

Closing the settings window, by clicking on the 'close x' or moving to a different settings window does not cancel any changes made. To cancel changes made you need to close the project and select 'No' when asked to save changes, if you have the preview window open and have applied the changes or 'made' the album before canceling then you should reload the project and apply the old settings again.

Some skins have their own help pages for settings specific to them, see Skin Manuals for a list of skins with user manuals.