Skin / slim / main

show folder.png

Shows titles and captions that have been set for jAlbum folders. Folders are displayed as menu items in the skin.
Upon selection, their corresponding titles and captions will be shown on the bottom left corner of the screen (option:left)
or above the main image (option:top).

show image title.png

Image titles and captions can be displayed on the bottom right (option:right), below the image (option:center), and above the image (option: top).

show filenames.png

Only activated if the former option is set. It will display the image's file name instead of the title set in jAlbum

exclude home.png

Removes the home menu item. You can edit the name or add a link in the links tab. Be sure this is not activated if you want to customize the "home" menu item.

draw border.png

Draws a thin border around the main image. Thumbnails will not be affected by this option.

show exifdata.png

Will display EXIF data (meta-data that is provided by images) on the right of the main image. Data will only be displayed, if it is provided by the image file itself.

thumbbar position.png

Lets you select where the thumbnails previewer and selector is displayed. Either above (top) or below (bottom) the images.

show scrollbar.png

Determines if the scrollbar under the thumbnails previewer is always displayed or only when hovering over it with the mouse (default).

image sizes.png

Size of the main image in relation to the screen width and height. Slim is optimized for the above default settings, but most sizes will work for most settings. Please do not expect all sizes to work with all settings.

main ani duration.png

Length of the fade transition animation of the main image in milliseconds.

thumb ani duration.png

Length of the animation that moves the selected thumbnail in the thumbnail previewer into the screen center in milliseconds.

save image.png

Right-clicking will open a full-size preview of the current image, a second right-click will allow the user to select "save image" from the context menu.