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Sharing links to different social sites. As Tiger albums load the separate images in a Lightbox, (by javascript, dynamically on user interaction) many of these sites will only allow sharing the current page but not the individual image. Once Facebook has allowed the individual share too, but they've removed this possibility later to limit users customizing their sharing in a fear of newsfeed manipulation.


These sites offer Like buttons too. Please note, loading these Like buttons will load the site's script and allows them to follow your visitors. So these external API's always trigger the GDPR approval popups. Note, loading such external API's will add to page load time too.

Facebook App ID

Facebook requires the sites to create an App ID on their developer site in order they can precisely configure these functions. The following functions need the App ID: Like button, Facebook commenting and Facebook box. Please note, apps on Facebook can be created for Pages, but not for personal accounts.

Facebook box

Use Facebook box

Turn on if you want use the so-called Facebook box or page plugin. (example) Requires Facebook App ID, see above!

Facebook page ID

The name of your page, e.g. jAlbumFrog with jAlbum.

Show header, Show faces

Features of box, refer to this page.

Google box

Use Google box

Turn on to display Google Box, and specify the type of the Google page: person, community or page. See example!


The full URL to your Google page