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Upload path / URL

Some services need to full path to the album page, like Facebook. Unfortunately when you make the album the final address is unknown to the skin (and jAlbum), this is why this box is here. Make sure to use the protocol you want to use: http:// or https:// . Example: - note: the closing slash and the protocol are mandatory!

Preloaded thumbnail rows

By default the skin will only load 2 rows of thumbnails in order the page load quicker and could be initialized the sooner. The rest of rows are loaded dynamically, only when the visitor scrolls down. You can change this number in special cases though. This will also determine how many images are present in the 'static' HTML file, which some think affects Google bots. However today it's not the case. The bots will scroll down all through the page and will follow all the dynamically loaded photos too.

Add ALT tags for search engines

The HTML specification requires providing ALT tags on images for those using screen readers. In the absence of ALT tags you'll get page validation errors. However in the case of a picture gallery it's not probable visually impaired will visit it. And even if they do, the skin can only add the file names as ALT tags if there are no comments, so unless you have nice comments for the photos, it has no point in adding these tags.

Use favicon

If it's ON, the skin will provide it's own favicon (little icon to display in the browser's tabs), if OFF the browser will look for it in the site root. If you have one there, you might want to use that in the album too - just turn this option OFF.

Use Microsoft IIS or Azure server configuration

By default Apache servers are configured to serve JSON (and other files used by the skin) properly. Unfortunately MS servers come poorly configured and you either go to the site's control panel and add the proper associations, or turn this option on, by which the skin will save a configuration file along with the album. I'd say it's better to configure the server properly instead of this. Read section 9 in this blog post on how!

Use the skin's expiry file

Servers used to cache files for better speed, but this might cause some files to be hard to renew. The skin comes with some optimized default caching expiry directives, which you can use if you think your server isn't optimized in this regard.

Avoid using Content Delivery Networks

Normally the skin loads some files (libraries) from Content Delivery Networks in order to speed up page load. Those who dislike it can turn this off and use the files from their own servers.

Tracking consent and Cookie policy

Since 2016 (?) the sites have to warn users about cookie usage, and since 06/2018 they also have to provide them a way to opt out such background tracking (GDPR). Some of the functionality in Tiger skin requires loading external libraries, like Google or Facebook integration, which falls into this category. The skin will ask users if they allow loading such external libraries, and once allowed it will remember this setting for any album on the site. If the user declines using the external API's the skin will function, however the affected functionality won't. The affected functionalities: Facebook Like, Facebook Commenting, Facebook Box, Google Box, Google Analytics, Google +1, PinIt button, Tumblr button, Disqus commenting. The skin alone does not utilize any tracking. It stores cookies (local storage) in order to remember user preferences, cart contents and music playback state.

Ask tracking consent (GDPR compliance)

Asks tracking consent for API's fall into the GDPR regulation

Show cookie policy

Shows the skin is using cookies to track user preferences.


Leaves the panel this long, then disappears. If no action was taken it will show up the next time too. Note, if you are using an older album this length might be too short, because the cookie policy alone was showing for 3 seconds only. The GDPR message, however, is much more complex and needs some 10-20 seconds to read and act.


The URL of the Cookie Policy or Privacy info document on your site. (Optional)

Google Analytics

Use Google Analytics

Choose the type of Analytics you use. The current is the "Global site tag" method, but you can use the older "Universal" too. The "Classic" got deprecated this days.

Google property ID

The ID you got from Google, e.g. UA-NNNNNNNNN

Support Display Advertising

Some users use this sub-stats - turn on if you're one of those.

Debug mode

Turn on this feature to get more detailed error information, also this helps me to debug albums showing errors. For production albums turn this OFF!


Displays these variables during album make time.