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Use filters

Turn on if you'd like to add a box to the album by which visitors can select images based on their data. You can use both jAlbum variables, like "fileSize", "addedDate" or "keywords" but you can add custom variables to images too (Edit mode -> Variables panel).

Box title

The title to be displayed as box header.


The text to be displayed referring to the variable defined in the "Variable name" box.

Variable name

The name of the variable.


  • Numeric = Numerical data range
  • Financial = Financial data range
  • Date = Date range
  • Single string = Single choice string; the visitor can only select one
  • Multiple string = Multiple choice box; the visitor can select multiple elements

Use sort

Turn on to have "Sort by" box by which visitors can arrange the images

Box title

The title for the sort box. Will be added next to the filter label if both are used.

The table works the same way as the Filters, but multiple choice boxes are treated as single strings.