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Go full screen

When the visitor enters Lightbox, the browser goes full screen. Going back to index will stop full screen mode.

Auto start videos

The skin tries to start videos automatically. This setting is not effective on mobiles, which disable auto start by design. Some desktop browsers also allow users to disable auto starting. Some come with this settings on by default.

Use 360° player

The skin can display 360° panoramas made with an appropriate device. The source file is either 4096x2048 px or 9192x4096 px. On devices with gyro sensor the panorama can be controlled by turning the device.

Use sound clips

You can attach short sound clips to the individual images which then will be played along the image in the lightbox. For this you need to place the sound clip (MP3 format) in the same folder as the source image, holding the same base name as the image, e.g. "" -> "mydog.mp3".


The transition method between photos:

  • Cross fade
  • Cross fade and slide
  • Cross fade and zoom

Transition speed

The duration of the transition in milliseconds.

Slideshow delay

The pause between photo changes in slideshow mode.


The slideshow starts automatically when you load the page.

After the last image

Choose where to go when you reached the last picture:

  • Do nothing
  • Start over - starts over with the first photo
  • Up one level - goes to the parent folder
  • Back to index page - back to the thumbnails
  • Next folder - goes to the next folder (if exists)
  • Ask - asks the user


Enable mouse wheel navigation

Using the mouse wheel for navigating between images.

Enable keyboard navigation

Use the keyboard for navigation:

  • Previous picture: Left arrow
  • Back to thumbnail page: Esc
  • Toggle "fit to screen" or "1:1 size": Numpad +
  • Show/hide info panel: Numpad -
  • Show/hide thumbnail strip: Numpad -
  • Start/stop slideshow: Numpad *
  • Next picture: Right arrow

Click for next

Clicking the main image will bring the next one.

Click beside to get back to index

Clicking beside the main image brings you to the index page.



Default view mode:

  • Original (1:1) size - leaves the scaled down image size, might be too big on mobiles
  • Fit vertically - fits the height only, can stretch over horizontally, a.k.a panorama mode
  • Fit both - fits the image into the browser window


The amount of gutter between the image and the browser's edge.

Never scale up

Fits the image only if larger, but never scales up in order to avoid pixelation.

Don't allow panels to cover the images in Fit mode

Only the space between the top and bottom panels will be used to fit the image.