Skin / Tiger / Header / Top bar


Select the logo to be displayed in the top bar's left corner. Optimally the logo should be 56px high and max. 300px wide, but you can add larger logo too. Clicking the logo will take you back to the top level album page, or the "Link to homepage" URL from the top level page. Can be JPG, but transparent PNG works the best. Note, if you've imported the settings from another album you need to add the logo again, as import doesn't copy the logo.

Top navigation

The multi-level top navigation menu. Include folders, Include pages and Include web locations controls which elements are to be included. Depth controls the folder depth, however going beyond 4 levels might result in a too complicated menu.


Use search

Whether or not to use the "Search" functionality. Search will look for items in the whole album. It might take some seconds if the album is huge.

  • "Foo Boo" - will return result containing Foo Boo one after other
  • Foo and Boo - returns results containing both Foo and Boo ("and" is translated, e.g. use "und" un German)
  • Foo Boo - returns items with any of the words in it

Search box is visible by default

Do you want the search input field be visible, or only when the visitor clicks the "lupe" icon.

Fields to search

Which fields should be used in the search. Available fields: title, name (file name), fileDate, creator, keywords, photodata.