Skin / Tiger / Header / Hero


Full width

ON: the Hero image touches the left and right edges of the browser window. OFF: it's only as wide as the "Page width", see Design.

Show "Start slideshow"

Shall the "Start slideshow" button be placed on the header? If no, visitors still can start the slideshow from the Lightbox.

Show "Help" button

Do you want a "Help" button added in the header? By clicking it the visitors can learn the shortcuts and navigation elements.

Folder title


The folder title block can be placed in the left top and left bottom corner of the header.


Predefined Folder title templates.

Caption template

You can edit the folder title template here. To remove the title completely use   instead of an empty box, otherwise it will fall back to the default value.


You can control which date will be taken as folder modified date: Folder date (added in Edit mode manually), Last file modification date, Last camera date (Exif date) or Camera date range. You can control the date format through the "Settings / Advanced / Date format" field if the default won't work for you.

Use breadcrumb path

In deep folders it's useful to see the full path to the current folder, and return to any parent level with one click.



Select what to put in the header as background:

  • Flat color: Select a Color and Pattern for the header area
  • Folder thumbnail: The folder image selected in the current folder (right-click → Select as folder thumbnail)
  • Album thumbnail: The folder image selected at the top level album page