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Tiger's shopping cart is backed by PayPal's Website Standards Payment shopping cart solution. It's necessary because the skin itself cannot accept credit card payments. (See API Guide →)

Please note, the Tiger album runs in the browser - not on a server - therefore it's not secure enough to check if a payment went through successfully, consequently it's not able to deliver digital goods. Not able to manage inventory either, but you can set the max. quantity, in the case of paintings for example.

If you don't need payment, just a kiosk-like functionality to gather orders through email, check out the Feedback feature.

See Shopping cart section for the related settings.

Here's how users can buy things in Tiger skin:


Index page


On the index page every item (except the disabled ones) has a checkbox and an add to cart button. The visitors select the images they want to buy and either click "Add selected" in the "shop section, or click the "Add to cart" button on the thumbnail. They can "Select all" too if they want to buy all.

Popup window


The popup window allows selecting shop options, quantities, entering coupons, and so on. Visitors can continue shopping, and can even change directories. The cart will be kept within the album for an hour.



In the lightbox the "Add to cart" and "View cart" buttons also appear in the bottom "info" panel.

Fixed button


There's a little button on the index page fixed in the browser's bottom right corner, which makes it easy for the visitors to get back to the shopping cart.