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Tiger skin supposed to work with most jAlbum settings, but be aware not all settings are equally optimal.



Image linking from thumbnails

Being a web album the images need to be scaled down to be able to handle them effectively on the web. An original photo is often 10MB in size, while for viewing them on monitors a 1-2 MPx one is enough, which results in some 60-120 kB size images. This is 1/100th of the original. This effectively spares time and and data for your visitors.

Suggested: Link to scaled down images only or Link to originals via scaled images.

Make slide pages

Tiger doesn't make separate HTML pages for the images, so the transitions between the images are smooth, the background music can play continuously, and this way of working results in nearly half of the data traffic compared to the separate mode. This settings is therefore disabled.

Link to homepage

This URL will be used as "Up" link from the top level album page, and also it appears in the top (and bottom) menus.

Thumbnail layout

Being Tiger is a responsive skin, the thumbnails are arranged in variable column layout depending on the screen width. You can control the thumbnail columns here.


Scaling method

Suggested: Smooth / Standard

It will use one of the smoothest - Blackman - algorithm, however this can be more CPU intensive, so you might want to consider "Medium" on large albums.

Image bounds

Thumbnails: depends on the thumbnail layout, so refer to the table below for the optimal thumbnail sizes:

padding 1 column 2 columns 3 columns 4 columns 5 columns 6 columns 7 columns 8 columns
None Max page width 1020x770 510x380 340x260 340x260 260x190 200x150 170x130
Small Max page width - 8 1020x760 500x380 330x250 330x250 250x190 200x150 160x120
Medium Max page width - 16 1010x760 500x370 320x240 320x240 240x180 190x140 150x110
Large Max page width - 24 1000x750 490x370 320x240 320x240 230x170 180x130 150x110
X Large Max page width - 40 980x740 470x350 300x230 300x230 220x160 160x120 130x100

Images: The default is 1000x800 but for a mobile device audience you can lower this - 720x720 -, or can also make it higher if your audience is using desktops with large monitors, e.g. 1600x1200. For albums containing panoramas you might want to make the width much larger - e.g. 8000x800 - so only the height will constrain the normal photos, but panoramas can be wide.



Encoding: Choose your OS's native encoding: Windows-1252 for PC (Western European) ISO-8852-2 on Macs. UTF-8 used to work well too.

Write UTF-8: Must be ON, mandatory.

Date format: By default the skin will use the OS's time format, however you can customize this, see: here

Process subdirectories: Must be ON. Because the skin is using a central database file, you have to allow jAlbum to process the subdirectories.

Process only updated subdirectories: Must be OFF. For the same reason as above.


Index page name: index - don't change

Page extension: .html - change only if you know what you're doing

URL-encode links: must be ON.

One more thing

Please note, browsers are limited in resources (memory, processing power), so it's best keeping the number of images in a folder below 600-700. If you add more, you risk some of your users experiencing slowdowns, and even browser crashes.