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Tiger skin is using Google Maps integration to display maps.

It can show maps at two places: on the index page and in the Lightbox. On the index page it displays all the place marks that jAlbum found in the current set of images (all clickable), while Lightbox map shows only the current image.

Related settings →

You can check in jAlbum if an image contains location info in Edit mode, Location tab on the right. If you'd like to dig deeper, you can check out the image's metadata by right-click → List metadata (Explore mode). Look for the GPSLatitude and GPSLongitude fields (exif or xmp).


Please note, as of 06/2016 Google Maps can only be used if you create an API key on Google and register your site. Enter your API key here →. Starting with 2018 you have to provide your credit card as well. Up to 25 000 map impressions per day the service is still free, but they'll charge you beyond this limit. Please refer to Google's pricing! →

This service has been free for years, that's why we chose it originally. Now we're considering adding another map service in the future for those who put off by Google's move.