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lightbox-m.jpg The Lightbox is where you can see the image in larger size. It has also various info and functions related to individual images.

As Tiger is a so-called "dynamic" album (or web application), the images are only displayed on user request, overlaid the index page, so they don't have separate HTML pages.


(A) Thumbnail strip

The thumbnails are displayed above the image. You can disable this feature altogether, select the default visibility and size here.

(B) Control bar

Previous / Next buttons, Slideshow control, Fit image, etc. (Setting here) The control strip disappears automatically if there's no mouse movement. On touch devices you can toggle the control bar by touching the main image.

(C) Main image

The main image. You can select the transition type, the slideshow parameters, the navigation after the last image. You can set the original scaling too.

(D) Info panel

This bottom panel holds the caption, various info, and image-related functions like Photo data, Map, Faces, Share, Print, Add to cart. You can control which buttons to show here. You can design also which photo data to collect here. Use the Right-click → List metadata in jAlbum to see which fields are available in a given photo.