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index-page-m.jpg The index page or thumbnail page is the album's main page. It contains all the thumbnails, the navigation elements, the hero image, the title, the sharing functions, the footer and all the sections with different functions. The other main stage of the album is the so-called "Lightbox" or slide page. This contains the large images where you can navigate (backward/forward) between them, see Lightbox

(A) Top Bar

The top bar contains the logo, the top navigation, and the search box. You can also add Custom content above it.

(B) Hero a.k.a Theme Image

The Hero serves as header for the index page. Displays the selected "Theme image" (see here how to select!) as background image. Contains the Title with the back/home link, the Buttons and the Start slideshow button. Can be as wide as the page content or fit to browser window. Can have the theme image as background or can be a flat color optionally with a pattern added.

(C) Sections

The various sections: Folders, Images, Map, Shopping Cart, Commenting, etc. You can drag them to reorder on the Sections page, right column.

(D) Footer

The page footer can contain the Bottom navigation menu (of the top level pages), the image count and creation date, the Custom link and Credit links, the Facebook or Google boxes.