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The "Hero" or Header sets the mood for a page, contains the page title and a few buttons. I chose "hero" because the word "header" would include the top menu, the search and the logo too.

The optional image background of this section is called "theme image", which you can set by drag and dropping the chosen thumbnail onto the "Folder properties" panel's "Theme image" area. You can select the cropping here too by moving the highlighted rectangle around.



You can have both image background - from the current folder or from the top level folder - or a simple flat color background. Related settings →


The folder title can be edited through a template, can contain the breadcrumb path, and image counts. Related settings →


In the top right corner you'll find the buttons:

Start slideshow button

The lower right corner is reserved for the "Start slideshow" button, which will open the Lightbox and start the slideshow provided there's at least one image present.