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Background music can make albums more entertaining, can set the mood for a slideshow. It will display a play button in the top bar that controls start/pause, and when you move the mouse over the button the full player component will show above the list of songs. MP3 files are accepted.


You can add more than one song which will be played throughout the album, one after the other. With the "Loop" option turned on the music will start over once reached the last song's end.

The play position will be recovered when you change folders. Unless you turn off "Retain play position".

By default the volume is set to 50%, but after the user changes that, it will be remembered in the next folder.

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  1. The background music (any media) will not start automatically on mobile phones by design.
  2. Chrome (and probably other browsers will follow) does not auto start media files but once the visitor has started any media in the album the auto start will work on any media, and Chrome will remember this preference.
  3. For web it's better optimizing the audio file before adding it. 128 kbps, joint stereo is usually enough for such purpose. Naturally, you can use whatever resolution, but loading large files at page load isn't good for the user experience.
  4. On the local file system many characters are allowed, but it's safer to rename the file using simple - web-safe - characters before adding to the album. A-Za-z0-9_-,.
  5. If you have removed the original MP3 file, you will need to add it again, as the skin only stores the reference to the file, but doesn't copy the file into the album.