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Album font size

Sets the base font size, between 10px and 36px, for use throughout the album. all other
font settings are made in the skin's 'common.css' file.

Place a line border around images

Adds a line border around thumbnail and slide images.
The line can be set between 1px and 9px wide.
The border padding (space between the image and the border) can be set between 0px and 9px.

Fixed shape thumbnails

Crops the thumbnails to exactly the width and height indicated by "Thumbnail bounds" under

Use keyboard navigation

The 'Esc' and 'Up arrow' keys takes visitors from a slide page to its index, from a sub-folder
to its parent or if at the album's root to the 'Home page' page if set under
The left and right arrow keys take visitors to the next index page, if one exists, or for slide pages
to the next/previous slide.

Language to be shown on page load

Drag language codes from the 'available' list to the 'used' list and place them in the order you want them to appear, first on the left and last on the right of the page. You can use the 'quick pick' menu to fully populate or reset the 'used' list. The language selected in jAlbum's preferences will be used as the default value for the 'used' list The 'available' list includes all languages that have a '' file in the skin's 'texts' folder.

Sub-folders inherit style of the root folder.

This setting is only effective if alternative styles are being set for folders, see 'Optional override of
the default style.

Index Pages

Theme image size

Sets the size in pixels of the theme image for each index and template page, if one is defined for the folder the pages appear within. The dimension is in pixels and the value must be entered in the format widthxheight.

Theme placement

Theme images are centred on the page and can either be sized within the bounds set above (as set) or stretched to cover the page width (cover). If cover is selected the theme image height is standardised to that of the root theme image.

Subfolder inherit the root folder's theme

If selected, regardless of what is set for each folders theme image, all pages will have the same theme image as the root folder's.

Note, if a folder has no theme image, because it has been removed in jAlbum's explore view, the page content will move up to fill the gap.

Slide Pages

On image navigation

When selected visitors can click on the slide image to move to the next/previous image.

Add thumbnail navigation between slides

Add a list of neighbour thumbnails to each slide page

Comments align left instead of centre

When selected the comments below images are aligned to the left edge of the image instead of the centre.

Show camera data

Shows camera metadata such as exposure, aperture etc.

Google maps support

Add a link to each slide page pointing out the location using Google Maps