Make a copy of the local album project

To have a copy of an album project can be really useful if you want to experiment with settings and skins but are afraid of destroying your album project when doing so. In this way you can experiment with the skins and settings and when you find something you like you can safely add it to the real album project.

1. Browse to the album project in file system


You will probably find the album project in the folder on your computer called My Albums. But in this example I'm using the Sample portfolio which is not stored in My Albums. I can see where the album project is stored by looking at the path shown in the explore view.


This is another album project on my computer which is stored in the My albums folder. This is probably how your path will look like.

2. Copy the album project


When you have found the album project in your file system it's time to make a copy of it.

Right click the folder and click Copy "Album title". Or you can mark the folder and press ctrl+C.


Then right click anywhere and click Paste Item. Or press ctrl + V.


The copy of the album project folder will probably get a default name like in this case, Sample Portfolio Copy. The album project will get the same name as the folder so you can rename the folder if you want the album project to have another Title.

3. Drag and drop the copied album project to jAlbum

Open the Empty project in jalbum and drag and drop the copied album project folder to jalbum and the new copy of the album project will open.


4. Done!