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In edit mode, moving from image to image and back to explore view

New folder

JAlbum>Explore>Toolbar>New folder

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>Between thumbnails>New Folder

Add a new folder to the project.

New page

JAlbum>Explore>Toolbar>New page

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>Between thumbnails>New page

Add a page template, like About, or a webLocation.

New Project

Menu>File>New Project CMD/CNTRL + N

Opens the 'New Project' window where you can enter a name, add tags and and write a description.



A text area for making notes, or reminders, on the current project.

Notification center

jAlbum > Welcome > Notification center

Notifies you when there is a new jAlbum update, skin update, when the account is about to expire and a lot of other things.

Number of Threads

jAlbum>Preferences>General>Number of Threads

How many images and slide pages that will be processed simultaneously.