#Tue Feb 13 14:19:33 CET 2018
admin.action.refresh=Refresh Search Index
admin.action.save=Save Changes
admin.adduser.caption.adduser=Add new Account
admin.adduser.caption.displayname=Display Name
admin.adduser.caption.login=User Login
admin.adduser.caption.passwordconfirm=Confirm User Password
admin.adduser.message.success=Login {0} successfully added\!
admin.adduser.message.uidexists=An User with Login {0} already exists\!
admin.cache.caption=Clear disk and memory cache
admin.cache.message.clearfailed=Failure while clearing the cache\: {0}.
admin.caption.date.dateonly=Default date format
admin.caption.date.timeonly=Default time format
admin.caption.defaultlocale=Default locale
admin.caption.defaulttimezone=Default time zone
admin.caption.defaulttopic=Default topic
admin.caption.editor=Default editor
admin.caption.externallinknewwindow=Open external links in new window
admin.caption.filedir=File-system directory
admin.caption.imageresize=Image resize increment (pixels)
admin.caption.logitems=Reload log entries
admin.caption.logoimage=Logo image
admin.caption.maxversionexport=Topic version export limit
admin.caption.metadescription=HTML meta description
admin.caption.migratedatabase=Migrate Wiki to new Database
admin.caption.printnewwindow=Open printable page links in new window
admin.caption.recentchanges=Reload recent changes
admin.caption.recentchangesdefault=Default number of recent changes displayed
admin.caption.searchengine=Search Engine
admin.caption.serverurl=Server URL
admin.caption.sitename=Site name
admin.caption.spamfilter=Reload spam filter patterns
admin.caption.usepreview=Display "Preview" edit button
admin.caption.useshowchanges=Display "Show Changes" edit button
admin.header.cache=Cache settings
admin.header.email=E-Mail settings
admin.header.general=General settings
admin.header.other=Other settings
admin.header.parser=Parser settings
admin.header.persistence=Database settings
admin.header.rss=RSS settings
admin.header.spam=Spam settings
admin.header.upload=File upload settings
admin.help.adduser=Create a new wiki user account.  This functionality is primarily used for wikis on which users cannot self-register.
admin.help.clearcache=Clearing the cache will force any values stored in memory to be cleared.  This should only be necessary if a record is updated outside of the normal wiki processes.
admin.help.date.common=Available patterns can be customized by updating the jamwiki-configuration.xml file.  Patterns must follow the format used by the <a href\="http\://download.oracle.com/javase/1.5.0/docs/api/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.html" target\="_blank">java.text.SimpleDateFormat</a> class.  "SHORT", "MEDIUM", "LONG" and "FULL" may also be used to invoke the corresponding SimpleDateFormat constant value.
admin.help.date.dateonly=Format to use for display of dates that include day, month and year, but do not include hour or minute.
admin.help.date.timeonly=Format to use for display of dates that include hour and minute but not day, month or year.
admin.help.defaultlocale=The default locale used for displaying text and formatting dates; users can personalize the locale using user preferences.  Note that if translations are not available for a locale then labels will still display in English.
admin.help.defaulttimezone=The default time zone to use when displaying dates; users can personalize the time zone using user preferences.  Note that this time zone will always be used when displaying the time in wiki signatures.
admin.help.defaulttopic=The default topic is the topic that will be displayed when no topic is specified, such as when the URL http\://www.example.com/wiki/en/ is requested.  Virtual wikis may be configured to override this default value from the Special\:VirtualWiki page.
admin.help.editor=The default editor determines what editing tool new users will see when editing topics.  Users may choose to change the using their user preferences.
admin.help.filedir=An existing directory in which JAMWiki system files can be stored.
admin.help.imageresize=Image resizing can slow down the wiki, so images are resized in increments and then further scaled in the user's web browser.  A larger resize increment improves performance but reduces image quality.
admin.help.logoimage=This value specifies the logo for the wiki.  Values should be specified with respect to the webapp context root's <code>images</code> directory.
admin.help.maxversionexport=The maximum number of revisions that may be included in a topic export.  A larger value allows the full history of most topics to be exported, but may cause excessive use of system resources.  A smaller value prevents exporting the full topic history but also prevents the export process from using excessive system resources.
admin.help.metadescription=The HTML meta description is a description of a wiki page that can be used by search engines and other tools to describe a page. Variables that can be used in the meta description include\: {0} page topic (may be empty)
admin.help.migratedatabase=This command will migrate the Wiki contents to a <b>new</b> database with the specified parameters.  Note that there cannot be existing JAMWiki database tables in the new database. This operation can take a long time depending on the size of the Wiki.
admin.help.rebuildsearch=It may be necessary to rebuild the search index after a crash or a restore from backup.  Note that this function can take a very long time to complete since all wiki topics must be parsed.
admin.help.reloadlogitems=Reloading log entries will force the records for the Special\:Log page to be re-calculated.  This option should not normally be needed.
admin.help.reloadrecentchanges=Reloading recent changes will force the records for the recent changes page to be re-calculated.  This option should not normally be needed. <b>For sites with a large number of topics this task may take several minutes to complete.</b>
admin.help.reloadspamfilter=Reloading the spam filter patterns will update the spam filter with any changes from the <code>/WEB-INF/classes/spam-blacklist.txt</code> file.
admin.help.serverurl=The base URL for the server, such as http\://www.example.com/.  This value will be used when generating absolute URLs.
admin.help.sitename=The name of the site.  This value will be appended to all page titles and used in XML exports.  Note that HTML should not be used in the site name.
admin.maintenance.caption.links=Regenerate topic metadata records
admin.maintenance.caption.namespaces=Fix incorrect topic namspaces
admin.maintenance.error.metadata=Metadata for {0} topics could not be updated.  See the logs for error messages.
admin.maintenance.error.namespacefail=Failure while fixing incorrect topic namespaces.  The error message is\: {0}.
admin.maintenance.help.links=Regenerate the metadata records for all topics, including categories, "link to" and search index information.  It should only be necessary to run this task after manually updating the database.  <b>This task requires re-parsing and updating all wiki topics and may be extremely slow</b>.
admin.maintenance.help.namespaces=<b>Advanced users only</b>\: Verify that topic records point to the correct namespace.  This functionality should not generally be needed, but may resolve namespace problems after adding or updating new namespaces, or if the JAMWiki database is changed outside of normal wiki processes.  <b>This function updates every existing topic record and may take a long time to complete.</b>
admin.maintenance.message.metadata=Metadata for {0} topics has been updated.
admin.maintenance.message.topicsUpdated={0} topics have been updated.
admin.maintenance.title.data=Data Utilities
admin.maintenance.title.links=Regenerate Topic Metadata Records
admin.maintenance.title.namespaces=Fix Incorrect Topic Namespaces
admin.maintenance.title.system=System Utilities
admin.message.adduserfail=Failure while adding new account {0}
admin.message.cache=Cache successfully cleared.
admin.message.changesnotsaved=Changes HAVE NOT been saved
admin.message.changessaved=Changes saved
admin.message.date.error={0} is not a valid date pattern.  See the documentation for the <a href\="http\://download.oracle.com/javase/1.5.0/docs/api/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.html" target\="_blank">java.text.SimpleDateFormat</a> class for examples of valid patterns.
admin.message.indexrefreshed=Index refreshed
admin.message.logitems=Log items successfully loaded.
admin.message.logitemsfail=Failure while loading log items\: {0}.
admin.message.migratedatabase=Successfully migrated to new database at URL {0}.
admin.message.migrationfailure=Failed to migrate to new database\: {0}.
admin.message.nonnumeric=Property "{0}" requires a numeric value.  "{1}" is invalid.
admin.message.passwordsnomatch=Passwords do not match, please re-enter.
admin.message.propertyfailure=Failure while processing property values\: {0}.
admin.message.recentchanges=Recent changes successfully loaded.
admin.message.recentchangesfail=Failure while loading recent changes\: {0}.
admin.message.savechanges=<b>IMPORTANT</b>\: Changes to configuration settings must be saved before they will take effect.  Leaving this page without saving will cause any changes to be lost.
admin.message.searchrefresh=Failure while refreshing search index\: {0}.
admin.message.spamfilter=Spam filter patterns successfully reloaded.
admin.message.spamfilterfail=Failure while loading spam filter patterns\: {0}.
admin.message.virtualwikiadded=New virtual wiki "{0}" added\: don't forget to add a Wiki servlet mapping to the web.xml file and restart the app server
admin.message.virtualwikifail=Failure while adding virtual wiki\: {0}.
admin.message.virtualwikiupdated=Virtual wiki "{0}" updated.
admin.parser.caption.allowcapitalized=Allow capitalized topic names
admin.parser.caption.allowhtml=Allow HTML
admin.parser.caption.allowjavascript=Allow Javascript
admin.parser.caption.allowtemplates=Allow Wiki templates
admin.parser.caption.interwikiinline=Display interwiki links inline
admin.parser.caption.numberedhtmllinks=Use numbered HTML links
admin.parser.caption.signaturedate=Pattern for dates in signatures
admin.parser.caption.signatureuser=Pattern for user name in signatures
admin.parser.caption.specialvirtualwiki=Display virtual wiki links on Special\: pages
admin.parser.caption.tableofcontents=Use table of contents
admin.parser.caption.tableofcontentsdepth=Maximum table of contents depth
admin.parser.caption.virtualwikiinline=Display virtual wiki links inline
admin.parser.help.allowcapitalized=Treat capitalized and lowercase topics as the same value.  If this option is not selected then "Topic" and "topic" are treated as two different records.  Note that even if this option is enabled it is still possible to create two topics that vary only in capitalization, in which case the records will be treated as two distinct topics.
admin.parser.help.interwikiinline=If this option is selected then all interwiki links will be displayed inline with article text.  If it is not selected then interwiki links will be displayed in a box in the left navigation (links preceded by a colon such as "[[\:interwiki\:Topic]]" will always be displayed inline).
admin.parser.help.numberedhtmllinks=Select this option to display HTML links of the form "[http\://example.com]" using numbered links such as "[1]".  De-selecting this option will cause the URL to be displayed as the link text.
admin.parser.help.signaturedate=Date pattern used with signatures. Date patterns must follow the format used by the <a href\="http\://download.oracle.com/javase/1.5.0/docs/api/java/text/SimpleDateFormat.html" target\="_blank">java.text.SimpleDateFormat</a> class.  "SHORT", "MEDIUM", "LONG" and "FULL" may also be used to invoke the corresponding SimpleDateFormat constant value.
admin.parser.help.signatureuser=Key\: {0} \= user page; {1} \= user contributions page; {2} \= user comments page; {3} \= user login; {4} \= user display name; {5} \= user email; {6} \= user id
admin.parser.help.specialvirtualwiki=If a wiki has multiple virtual wikis then selecting this checkbox will automatically generate a box in the left nav on pages such as Special\:RecentChanges that will display links to virtual wiki-specific versions of the Special\: page.
admin.parser.help.tableofcontentsdepth=Set this value from 1-6 to determine how much nesting is allowed within a topic's table of contents.
admin.parser.help.virtualwikiinline=If this option is selected then all virtual wiki links will be displayed inline with article text.  If it is not selected then virtual wiki links will be displayed in a box in the left navigation (links preceded by a colon such as "[[\:virtualwiki\:Topic]]" will always be displayed inline).
admin.parsertype.bliki=Bliki Parser
admin.parsertype.default=Default JAMWiki Parser
admin.password.caption.login=User Login
admin.password.caption.password=New User Password
admin.password.caption.passwordconfirm=Confirm New User Password
admin.password.caption.reset=Reset User Password
admin.password.help.reset=Enter a user login and new password to reset a user's password.
admin.password.message.invalidlogin=No user found with login {0}.
admin.password.message.success=Password successfully reset for user {0}.
admin.persistence.caption.driver=JDBC driver class
admin.persistence.caption.maxactive=Max number of active connections
admin.persistence.caption.maxidle=Max number of idle connections
admin.persistence.caption.maxopenpreparedstatements=Max number of open prepared statements
admin.persistence.caption.minevictableidletime=Min idle eviction time
admin.persistence.caption.numtestsperevictionrun=Number of tests per eviction run
admin.persistence.caption.pass=Database Password
admin.persistence.caption.poolpreparedstatements=Pool prepared statements
admin.persistence.caption.testonborrow=Test connections on borrow
admin.persistence.caption.testonreturn=Test connections on return
admin.persistence.caption.testwhileidle=Test idle connections
admin.persistence.caption.timebetweenevictionruns=Time (in seconds) between eviction runs
admin.persistence.caption.type=Database type
admin.persistence.caption.url=Database URL or JNDI DataSource name
admin.persistence.caption.user=Database Username
admin.persistence.caption.whenexhaustedaction=Action to take when pool is exhausted
admin.persistence.help=The internal database option uses a pre-configured embedded database and is an appropriate choice for smaller sites.  For larger sites requiring higher performance and scalability the external database option should be selected to allow configuration of an external database connection.
admin.persistence.help.maxopenpreparedstatements=This parameter only has an effect when prepared statements are pooled.  A larger value may improve performance but will use more system resources and could cause a database connection to run out of cursors.  Any non-positive number will allow unlimited pooled prepared statements.
admin.persistence.help.minevictableidletime=Minimum idle time (in seconds) before evicting idle connections from the connection pool.
admin.persistencetype.database=External Database
admin.persistencetype.internal=Internal Database
admin.rss.caption.allowed=Provide RSS feed
admin.rss.caption.title=RSS feed title
admin.searchengine.lucene=Lucene Search Engine
admin.searchengine.rankingalgorithm=RankingAlgorithm Search Engine
admin.smtp.action.check.settings=Send test mail
admin.smtp.caption=E-Mail server settings
admin.smtp.caption.address.separator=Address separator
admin.smtp.caption.default.content.type=Default content type
admin.smtp.caption.enable=Enable E-Mail service
admin.smtp.caption.reply=Reply address
admin.smtp.caption.requires.auth=Mail server requires authentication
admin.smtp.caption.use.ssl=Use SSL
admin.smtp.error.couldnotsend=Could not send mail to {0}. Reason\: {1}.
admin.smtp.error.nomailaddress=You must configure your mail address first. Go to Special\:Account.
admin.smtp.message.sentmail=Mail sent to {0}.
admin.smtp.service.caption=E-Mail services
admin.smtp.service.forgot.password=Password reset
admin.smtp.service.forgot.password.enable=Enable password reset
admin.smtp.service.forgot.password.ip.lock.duration=Duration of IP locking (minutes)
admin.smtp.service.forgot.password.retries=Number of requests before IP locking
admin.smtp.service.forgot.password.timeout=Challenge validity timeout (minutes)
admin.spam.caption.honeypotkey=Project Honeypot access key
admin.spam.caption.recaptchaedit=Use Captcha for topic editing
admin.spam.caption.recaptchaprivate=ReCAPTCHA private key
admin.spam.caption.recaptchapublic=ReCAPTCHA public key
admin.spam.caption.recaptcharegister=Use Captcha for user registration
admin.spam.caption.usehoneypotfilter=Use Honeypot blacklist
admin.spam.caption.usespamfilter=Enable spam filter
admin.spam.help.honeypotkey=To use the Project Honeypot blacklist you must sign up for an <a href\="http\://www.projecthoneypot.org/httpbl_configure.php" target\="_blank">access key</a> with that project.
admin.spam.help.recaptcha=Enable captcha support for combatting spam.  Captcha is a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a person.  See <a href\="http\://code.google.com/apis/recaptcha/">http\://code.google.com/apis/recaptcha/</a> for additional details.
admin.spam.help.recaptchakey=ReCAPTCHA public and private keys are required for using ReCAPTCHA and must be generated at <a href\="https\://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/create" target\="_blank">https\://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/create</a>.
admin.spam.help.usehoneypotfilter=<a href\="http\://www.projecthoneypot.org/" target\="_blank">Project Honeypot</a> monitors the web to create a blacklist of IP addresses engaged in malicious behavior such as comment spamming.  JAMWiki can use the Project Honeypot blacklist to automatically block malicious users from creating accounts, editing and uploading files.  Note that logged-in users will not be blocked, so if a user is incorrectly blocked (for example, if they are using a shared IP address) then a site administrator can create an account for that user to allow them to access the wiki.
admin.spam.help.usespamfilter=The spam filter compares all edits against the patterns in the <code>/WEB-INF/classes/spam-blacklist.txt</code> file and blocks edits that match patterns from that file.
admin.spam.message.invalidhoneypotkey=Use of the Project Honeypot blacklist requires a valid access key.  See <a href\="http\://www.projecthoneypot.org/httpbl_configure.php" target\="_blank">http\://www.projecthoneypot.org/httpbl_configure.php</a> to create an access key.
admin.spam.message.invalidkeys=Captcha requires a valid ReCAPTCHA public and private key.  See <a href\="https\://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/create" target\="_blank">https\://www.google.com/recaptcha/admin/create</a>.
admin.spam.option.unregistered=Un-registered users only
admin.title.adduser=Add User Account
admin.title.cache=Clear Cache
admin.title.logitems=Reload Log Items
admin.title.migratedatabase=Migrate Wiki to new Database
admin.title.password=Reset User Password
admin.title.recentchanges=Reload Recent Changes
admin.title.refresh=Rebuild Search Index
admin.title.spamfilter=Reload Spam Filter Patterns
admin.upload.caption.allowall=Allow all
admin.upload.caption.allownone=Disable uploads
admin.upload.caption.blacklist=Upload blacklist
admin.upload.caption.blacklisttype=Allowed file upload types
admin.upload.caption.maxfilesize=Maximum upload filesize (KB)
admin.upload.caption.serverurl=File server URL
admin.upload.caption.sharedrepository=Shared file repository
admin.upload.caption.storage=Uploaded file location
admin.upload.caption.uploaddir=File upload directory
admin.upload.caption.uploaddirrel=Relative file upload root
admin.upload.caption.useblacklist=Use blacklist
admin.upload.caption.usewhitelist=Use whitelist
admin.upload.caption.whitelist=Upload whitelist
admin.upload.help.blacklist=File extensions for file types that may not be uploaded to the wiki, separated by commas.  Example\: "jsp,bin,bat".
admin.upload.help.serverurl=The base URL for the server that will be serving images and files, such as http\://media.example.com/.  If this value is blank then image and file URLs will be generated as relative URLs.
admin.upload.help.sharedrepository=A shared file repository allows use of files and images from the specified virtual wiki to be utilized on all virtual wikis.
admin.upload.help.storage=Storing uploaded files in the JAMWiki file system directory is the simplest option and is a good choice for most sites.  Sites requiring higher performance can manage files from the web server or application server docroot.  Sites with special needs may choose to store files directly in the database.
admin.upload.help.storage.note=Note that once files have been uploaded to the wiki, changing the storage type requires the site administrator to manually move existing uploaded files.
admin.upload.help.uploaddir=The directory in which to store uploaded files, and from which files will be downloaded.
admin.upload.help.uploaddirrel=Root path used in &lt;img&gt; and &lt;a&gt; tags; if the file upload directory is /docroot/wiki-files/, then the relative path is /wiki-files/.
admin.upload.help.whitelist=File extensions for file types that may be uploaded to the wiki, separated by commas.  Example\: "jpg,gif,txt".
admin.upload.storage.default=JAMWiki file system directory
admin.upload.storage.docroot=Web server or app server docroot
admin.vwiki.caption.interwiki.display=Interwiki Display Value
admin.vwiki.caption.interwiki.pattern=Interwiki URL Pattern
admin.vwiki.caption.interwiki.prefix=Interwiki Prefix
admin.vwiki.caption.makedefault=Default Virtual Wiki
admin.vwiki.caption.namespace.comments=Comments Namespace
admin.vwiki.caption.namespace.main=Main Namspace
admin.vwiki.caption.namespace.notallowed=Translations are not supported for this namespace.
admin.vwiki.caption.select=Select Virtual Wiki
admin.vwiki.caption.usedefault=Use the default value
admin.vwiki.error.addnamespacefail=Failure while adding or updating namespace translations\: {0}.
admin.vwiki.error.interwiki.display=Invalid interwiki display value {0}.  Values cannot exceed 30 characters in length.
admin.vwiki.error.interwiki.pattern=Invalid interwiki pattern {0}.  Values must be of the form http\://www.example.com/{0} where "{0}" will be replaced with the appropriate topic value.  Note also that values cannot exceed 200 characters in length.
admin.vwiki.error.interwiki.prefix=Invalid interwiki prefix {0}.  Values must contain only letters, numbers, dashes, periods and underscores.  Note also that values cannot exceed 30 characters in length.
admin.vwiki.error.namespace.characters=The namespace "{0}" contains one or more characters that may not be used in namespaces.
admin.vwiki.error.namespace.unique=The namespace "{0}" is not unique.  All namespaces must be unique; verify that no default namespaces use this label and that no virtual wiki namespace translations use this value.
admin.vwiki.error.namespace.whitespace=The namespace "{0}" contains leading or trailing whitespace.  Please trim any whitespace from the beginning and end of this value.
admin.vwiki.help.defaulttopic=The default topic to display for a virtual wiki.  This topic is displayed when no topic is present in the URL, when users click on the site logo, and as a default when necessary.
admin.vwiki.help.interwiki.display=If interwiki links are configured to display in the left nav then the interwiki display value is the value that will be shown to end users.
admin.vwiki.help.interwiki.pattern=The URL pattern should be of the form http\://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/{0}, where "{0}" will be replaced with the interwiki topic name.
admin.vwiki.help.interwiki.prefix=The interwiki prefix is a case-insensitive value that will generate interwiki links.  For example, the prefix "wikipedia" could be used to create a link such as "wikipedia\:Example" that would then generate a URL to the "Example" topic on Wikipedia.
admin.vwiki.help.makedefault=Users will automatically be redirected to the default virtual wiki when they access a URL with no virtual wiki.  For example, the wiki installs with "en" as the default virtual wiki, meaning <code>http\://www.example.com/wiki/</code> will redirect to <code>http\://www.example.com/wiki/en/</code>.
admin.vwiki.help.name=The virtual wiki name appears in URLs and should be lowercase and contain no spaces or special characters.  Example\: "en".
admin.vwiki.help.namespace.add=Create a new namespace.  Both a main namespace and a comments namespace must be created, and namespace names must be unique.  This namespace will be available in all virtual wikis.  <b>IMPORTANT\: Once created a namespace cannot be deleted</b>.
admin.vwiki.help.namespace.search=Select a virtual wiki to create translations for its namespaces.
admin.vwiki.help.namespace.translations=The default namespace labels will be used unless a virtual wiki translation is created below.  For example, creating a translation of "Talk" for the "Comments" namespace will mean that comments pages will need to be of the form "Talk\:Topic" instead of "Comments\:Topic".  Namespace names must be unique.
admin.vwiki.help.namespace.translations.warning=<b>Important</b>\: Adding or updating a translated namespace may break existing links to existing topics, requiring manual updates.  It is recommended that namespaces only be changed for virtual wikis that do not already contain topics.  Also note that it may be necessary to run the "Fix incorrect namespaces" utility from the <code>Special\:Maintenance</code> page if problems are encountered with existing topics.
admin.vwiki.help.search=Select a virtual wiki to update.  To create a new virtual wiki do not select any value from the drop-down.
admin.vwiki.message.addnamespacesuccess=Namespace "{0}" has been created successfully.
admin.vwiki.message.commonupdated=Common virtual wiki settings updated.
admin.vwiki.message.interwiki.addsuccess=Interwiki link for prefix "{0}" has been created successfully.
admin.vwiki.message.interwiki.common=Common interwiki settings updated successfully.
admin.vwiki.message.interwiki.updatesuccess=Interwiki patterns updated successfully.
admin.vwiki.message.namespacesuccess=Namespace translations added/updated successfully for virtual wiki\: "{0}".
admin.vwiki.title=Virtual Wikis
admin.vwiki.title.common=Common Virtual Wiki Settings
admin.vwiki.title.interwiki=Interwiki Links
admin.vwiki.title.interwiki.add=Add Interwiki Link
admin.vwiki.title.interwiki.common=Common Interwiki Settings
admin.vwiki.title.interwiki.update=Update/Delete Interwiki Links
admin.vwiki.title.namespace.add=Add New Namespace
admin.vwiki.title.namespace.translations=Namespace Translations
admin.vwiki.title.select=Select Virtual Wiki
admin.vwiki.title.virtualwiki=Add/Update Virtual Wiki
allcategories.message.none=There are currently no categories being used on this wiki.
allfiles.message.none=There have been no files uploaded to this wiki.
allfiles.title=All Files
allimages.message.none=There have been no images uploaded to this wiki.
allimages.title=All Images
alltopics.message.none=There are no topics in the selected namespace.
alltopics.title=All Topics
allusers.message.none=There are no registered user accounts on this wiki.
allusers.title=All Users
block.button.block=Block user
block.caption.duration=Length of block
block.caption.lastLoginIpAddress=Last IP address used by this user
block.caption.overview=Use the form below to block a specific IP address or login from editing or moving pages and from uploading files.  The blocked user will be alerted to the duration of the block, the login of the user who applied the block, and the reason for the block (for example, vandalizing specific pages).
block.caption.reason=Reason for block
block.caption.user=IP Address or username
block.error.alreadyblocked=User "{0}" is already blocked.  To modify this block you must unblock and then re-block the user.
block.error.duration=Invalid block length "{0}".  Block lengths must either be infinite or an integer value greater than zero.
block.error.invaliduser=No user with a login of "{0}" exists.
block.error.user=Either user login or IP address must be specified.
block.message.success={0} has been blocked until {1}.
block.title=Block user
blocklist.caption.blocked={0} blocked by {1}
blocklist.caption.end=expires {0}
blocklist.caption.none=There are currently no blocked users or IP addresses.
blocklist.title=Blocked IP addresses and usernames
common.caption.captcha=To help protect against spam, please enter the words that appear below in the box.  If you cannot read these words click on the "Get a new challenge" button to try different words.
common.caption.universaledit=Click to edit {0}
common.current=Current {0}
common.exception.expression=Expression error\: {0}
common.exception.missingparameter=A required parameter is missing from the request\: {0}
common.exception.name=The requested value "{0}" was invalid. It may contain one or more characters which cannot be used in titles.
common.exception.notopic=Invalid or missing topic name.
common.exception.novirtualwiki=Invalid or missing virtual wiki.
common.exception.pseudotopic={0} is a special topic that cannot be viewed or edited as a normal topic.
common.exception.recaptcha=The CAPTCHA challenge words did not match the expected results.  Please enter the words pictured below.
common.pagination.next=Next {0}
common.pagination.previous=Previous {0}
common.pagination.results=Results per page
common.warning.experimental=This feature is EXPERIMENTAL and should be used with caution.
contributions.title=User contributions for {0}
diff.next=Next diff &rarr;
diff.nochange=There are no differences between the versions.
diff.previous=&larr; Previous diff
diff.revision=Revision as of {0}
diff.title=Version Differences for {0}
edit.action.showchanges=Show Changes
edit.button.bold=Bold text
edit.button.bold.text=Bold text
edit.button.external.link=External link (remember http\:// prefix)
edit.button.external.link.text=http\://www.example.com link title
edit.button.head.text=Headline text
edit.button.head1=Level 1 headline
edit.button.head2=Level 2 headline
edit.button.head3=Level 3 headline
edit.button.image=Embedded image
edit.button.indent.text=Indented line
edit.button.internal.link=Internal link
edit.button.internal.link.text=Link title
edit.button.italic=Italic text
edit.button.italic.text=Italic text
edit.button.line=Horizontal line
edit.button.nowiki=Ignore wiki formatting
edit.button.nowiki.text=Insert non-formatted text here
edit.button.ordered.list=Numbered list
edit.button.ordered.list.text=Numbered list item
edit.button.signature=Your signature with time stamp
edit.button.strike.text=Strikethrough text
edit.button.subscript.text=Subscript text
edit.button.superscript.text=Superscript text
edit.button.underline=Underlined text
edit.button.underline.text=Underlined text
edit.button.unordered.list=Bulleted list
edit.button.unordered.list.text=Bulleted list item
edit.caption.antispam=Anti-spam check. Do <b>NOT</b> fill this in\!
edit.caption.comment=Edit Comment
edit.caption.minor=Minor Edit
edit.caption.previewsummary=Preview of edit summary\: ({0})
edit.caption.watch=Add to Watchlist
edit.exception.conflict=WARNING\: Someone else has edited this topic.  The current version of the topic is show in the first box below, and your version is shown in the second box below.  Please manually resolve any differences and re-save.
edit.exception.nocontent=The topic {0} has no content.
edit.exception.spam=Your changes have been blocked by the spam filter.  Please remove any occurrences of the following term from your edit\: <b>{0}</b>.
edit.title=Editing {0}
edit.warning.oldversion=Warning\: The version being edited is an out-of-date version.  Saving will cause newer revisions to be lost.
edit.warning.preview=Preview\: changes have not been saved
error.caption=A system error has occurred.  The error message is\:
error.databaseconnection=A connection could not be established with the database; please re-check the settings\: {0}
error.directorydelete=Error while deleting file from {0}\: {1}
error.directoryinvalid={0} is not a valid directory.
error.directoryread=Error while reading file from {0}\: {1}
error.directorywrite=Error while writing file to {0}\: {1}
error.fieldlength=The value "{0}" exceeds the maximum allowed field size of {1} characters.
error.heading=A system error has occurred.  The error message is\:
error.login=The username and/or password is incorrect.  Please try again.
error.loginempty=Login cannot be empty.
error.newpasswordempty=New password field must be entered.
error.parserclass=Invalid parser class {0}.
error.passwordconfirm=Password confirmation must be entered.
error.readonly=Sorry, the topic you tried to edit is read-only. If you believe it should be editable, contact your Wiki administrator.
error.unknown=An unknown system error has occurred.  The error message is\: {0}.
exception.badusername=Your username was not accepted, make sure it is not blank and contains no special characters (e.g. characters with accents)
export.caption.download=Save as file
export.caption.history=Include only the current revision, not the full history
export.caption.overview=Topics can be exported with or without full history into XML format. This XML file can then be imported into other wikis using the Special\:Import feature, if it is enabled.  Full history exports for topics with extensive history may be limited to only the most recent revisions.
export.caption.topics=Enter one or more topic names, each on its own line.
export.error.migration=Failure while generating XML file.  The error message is\: {0}
export.error.notopic=No topics specified to export.
export.error.topic.does.not.exist=No topic with the name {0} currently exists on this wiki.
generalmenu.jumpto=Go to
generalmenu.title.interwiki=Other Sites
generalmenu.title.virtualwiki=Other Languages
group.caption.groupdescription=Description of the group
group.caption.groupname=Group name
group.caption.selectgroup=Select group to update
group.error.description=The group description is invalid. Group descriptions must be less than 200 characters.
group.error.name=The group name {0} is invalid. Group names may contain only letters, numbers and underscores.
group.header.modify=Create/Modify Group
group.help.groupdescription=The group description is an optional field describing what users in this group are allowed to do.
group.help.groupname=Valid characters for the name name are letters, numbers and underscores. Any other character, including spaces, is invalid. Once created a group name may not be modified.
group.help.selectgroup=Select the group to update, or leave this value blank to create a new group.
group.message.groupadded=New Group {0} was successfully added
group.message.groupfail=Error while adding or modifying group\: {0}.
group.message.groupupdated=Group {0} was successfully updated
history.diff=Diff Selected
history.message.notopic=The topic "{0}" could not be found.  It may have been deleted or may not exist.
history.revision=Revision as of {0} by {1}
history.revision.current=Current revision
history.revision.next=Next revision &rarr;
history.revision.previous=&larr; Previous revision
history.title={0} History
import.caption.failure=Failure while importing file.
import.caption.overview=Import topics from a file created using the Special\:Export function or from another wiki.
import.caption.source=Source File
import.error.data=Failure while saving topic information.  The message returned from the server is\: {0}
import.error.migration=Failure while parsing file data.  The message returned from the parser is\: {0}
import.error.notopic=No topic found to import.
import.error.topicexists=Cannot import topic "{0}" because a topic of the same name already exists.
import.message.importedby=Imported by {0}
import.message.success=The following topics were imported successfully\:
linkto.none=There are no pages that link to {0}.
linkto.overview=The following pages link to {0}.
linkto.redirect=(redirect page)
linkto.title=Links to {0}
log.caption.log.all=All logs
log.caption.log.block=Block log
log.caption.log.deletion=Deletion log
log.caption.log.import=Import log
log.caption.log.move=Move log
log.caption.log.permission=Permission log
log.caption.log.upload=Upload log
log.caption.log.user=User creation log
log.message.block=User {0} blocked until {1}
log.message.blockinfinite=User {0} blocked permanently
log.message.deletion=Topic {0} deleted
log.message.import=Topic {0} imported
log.message.move=Topic {0} renamed to {1}
log.message.permission=Permissions updated for topic {0}
log.message.purge=Version {1} deleted for topic {0}
log.message.unblock=User {0} unblocked
log.message.undeletion=Topic {0} restored
log.message.upload=File {0} uploaded
log.message.user=New user account created
login.message.account=User registration has been disabled on this wiki.  Contact a site administrator to obtain a login and password.
login.message.admin=Only administrators may access this page.
login.message.default=You do not have permission to access {0}.
login.message.edit=Editing requires logging in.
login.message.editadmin=You must login with administrative privileges to edit {0}.
login.message.editnew=You do not have permission to create new topics.
login.message.move=You do not have permission to move {0}.
login.message.purge=You do not have permission to delete topic versions.
login.message.upgrade=Please login as an admin to complete the upgrade process.
login.rememberme=Remember Me
manage.caption.delete=Delete {0}
manage.caption.purge=Delete Topic Versions
manage.caption.purgeconfirm=Are you sure you want to delete the version(s)?  This action cannot be undone.
manage.caption.purgeselect=Select version(s) to delete
manage.caption.undelete=Un-Delete {0}
manage.caption.undeleterevisions=Show/Hide Deleted Revisions
manage.delete.commentspage=Delete associated comments page
manage.delete.reason=Reason for deletion
manage.delete.warning=<b>WARNING</b>\: Deleting an article or image removes it from the system.  Please confirm that you intend to delete this item and that it is being done in accordance with policy.
manage.message.permissions=Topic permissions updated
manage.message.purge={0} topic versions have been permanently deleted for topic {1}.
manage.message.updated=Topic {0} updated successfully.
manage.purge.noversion=At least one topic version must be selected.
manage.purge.warning=<b>WARNING</b>\: Deleting a topic version removes the record from the database and <b>cannot be undone</b>.  It is recommended that this functionality only be used for deleting records containing sensitive data or other content that should not be viewable to any users.
manage.title=Manage {0}
manage.undelete.commentspage=Un-Delete associated comments page
manage.undelete.reason=Reason for un-deletion
move.comment=Reason for move
move.commentspage=Move associated comments page
move.destination=New topic name
move.editcomment={0} moved to {1}
move.exception.destinationexists=The topic {0} already exists.
move.exception.namespacecategory=Topics cannot be moved into or out of the category namespace.
move.exception.namespaceimage=Topics cannot be moved into or out of the file namespace.
move.exception.nodestination=No destination topic name specified.
move.exception.permission=The topic {0} has been protected and cannot be moved by users without appropriate permissions.
move.overview=This page provides functionality for moving a topic (including its history) to a new name.  The old topic name will then automatically redirect to the new topic name.  Note that the page <b>cannot</b> be moved if there is already a topic at the new destination.
move.title=Move {0}
orphaned.message.none=There are no orphaned topics in the selected namespace.
orphaned.title=Orphaned Pages
password.reset.password=Reset Password
password.reset.password.ask.user=Forgot your password?
password.reset.password.email.body=You receive this mail, because you requested to reset your password. Follow this link to enter your new password\: {0}. If you did not request this mail, please simply ignore it.
password.reset.password.email.subject=Password reset link
password.reset.password.error.challenge.expired=The challenge has expired. Please request a new one.
password.reset.password.error.challenge.nok=The request is not valid.
password.reset.password.error.ip.locked=Too many requests. Your IP address has been locked.
password.reset.password.error.noemail=You did not enter an E-Mail during your registration. It is not possible to reset your password.
password.reset.password.error.nomatch=The passwords do not match.
password.reset.password.error.noservice=This service is not available
password.reset.password.error.notregistered=You are not registered on the wiki.
password.reset.password.error.nousername=You must enter your username.
password.reset.password.error.novalidation=Could not validate challenge, please try again.
password.reset.password.error.nullpassword=Passwords cannot be empty.
password.reset.password.failed=Your password could not be changed.
password.reset.password.help=Enter your username to receive a E-Mail with a password reset link to the address that you entered during your registration.
password.reset.password.message.sendmail.failed=Could not send a E-Mail to the address that you entered during your registration.
password.reset.password.message.sendmail.success=A E-Mail has been sent to the address that you entered during your registration. Follow the link in the E-Mail to enter your new password.
password.reset.password.submit=Request E-Mail
password.reset.password.success=Your password has been changed. You can now login.
purge.error.noversion=No topic version with an id of {0} exists.
purge.error.onlyversion=Topic version {0} is the only version for topic {1} and thus can only be removed by deleting the topic.
recentchanges.caption.rss=RSS Feed
recentchanges.caption.time=Changes as of {0}.
recentchanges.rss.feed1=Recent Changes
recentchanges.rss.feed2=Recent Changes including minor changes
recentchanges.rss.feed3=Recent Changes linking to changed version
recentchanges.rss.feed4=Recent Changes including minor changes and linking to changed version
recentchanges.title=Recent Changes
register.caption.accountdetails=Account Details
register.caption.changepassword=Change Password
register.caption.confirmpassword=Confirm new password
register.caption.displayname=Display name
register.caption.newpassword=New password
register.caption.oldpassword=Old password
register.caption.updatesuccess=Your account has been successfully updated.
register.caption.userpreferences=User Preferences
register.error.logininvalid=The login {0} is already in use.  Please choose another.
register.error.oldpasswordinvalid=Invalid old password.
register.error.passwordempty=Password cannot be empty.
register.form.info=If you find errors or want to contribute, register here and send an email to our support at support@jalbum.net and we will give you write permissions.
register.help.displayname=Optional.  Display name may be used in wiki signatures to display a value other than the login.
register.help.email=Optional.  Enter an email address to allow email capabilities.
register.title=Account Details
roles.caption.groupname=Group Name
roles.caption.includeInheritedRoles=Include users inheriting role from groups
roles.caption.instructions=NOTE\: For default JAMWiki configurations group and role information can be configured from this page.  However, for JAMWiki installations that have been modified to use LDAP or other external authentication systems, roles and groups configured from this page will have NO EFFECT; in those cases the external authentication system MUST provide the correct role information.  Installations using external systems may also want to disable use of the roles assigned to the <code>GROUP_ANONYMOUS</code> group by setting the <code>useJAMWikiAnonymousRoles</code> property to <code>false</code> in the <code>/WEB-INF/applicationContext-security.xml</code> file.  For further details on configuring JAMWiki to work with external authentication systems see the <a href\="http\://static.springframework.org/spring-security/site/reference/html/springsecurity.html" target\="_blank">Spring Security online documentation</a>.
roles.caption.roledescription=Description of role
roles.caption.rolename=Role name
roles.caption.searchgroup=Search for users by group
roles.caption.searchlogin=Search for users by login
roles.caption.searchrole=Search for users by role
roles.caption.selectrole=Select role to update
roles.caption.userlogin=User Login
roles.error.description=The role description is invalid.  Role descriptions must be less than 200 characters.
roles.error.name=The role name {0} is invalid.  Role names may contain only letters, numbers and underscores.
roles.header.group=Assign Group Roles
roles.header.modify=Create/Modify Role
roles.header.user=Assign User Roles
roles.help.grouproles=<b>All</b> anonymous users will have ONLY the roles specified by GROUP_ANONYMOUS, while <b>all</b> logged-in users are assigned the roles specified by GROUP_REGISTERED_USER.  If (for example) anonymous users should not be allowed to upload files to the wiki, simply de-select <code>ROLE_UPLOAD</code> for GROUP_ANONYMOUS.  Note that some roles such as <code>ROLE_ADMIN</code> should not be assigned to groups and should instead only be assigned to individual users.
roles.help.inherited=Roles that are inherited from the user's group(s) are displayed as\: <span class\="inherited-role">ROLE_XXX</a>.
roles.help.roledescription=The role description is an optional field describing how the role is used.
roles.help.rolename=Valid characters for the role name are letters, numbers and underscores.  Any other character, including spaces, is invalid.  Once created a role name may not be modified.
roles.help.selectrole=Select the role to update, or leave this value blank to create a new role.
roles.help.userroles=Individual users may be assigned roles <b>in addition to</b> the roles assigned to them by GROUP_REGISTERED_USER or by other groups they belong to. Roles assigned by group membership are highlighted with a red background behing the corresponding checkbox. First, search for the user either by login, user role or group, then update the user's roles as appropriate.  Users may need to re-login for changes to take effect.
roles.message.grouproleupdate=Roles updated successfully for groups.
roles.message.roleadded=New role {0} added successfully.
roles.message.rolefail=Error while modifying role\: {0}.
roles.message.rolesearchfail=Failure while retrieving roles\: {0}.
roles.message.roleupdated=Role {0} updated successfully.
roles.message.sysadminremove=You may not remove ROLE_SYSADMIN from your own account.  This feature is implemented as a safety measure to ensure that the wiki always has at least one sysadmin.
roles.message.userroleupdate=Roles updated successfully for user(s).
roles.title=User/Group Roles
search.caption.namespaces=Filter search results by namespace
search.for=Search for\:
search.hints=Hints\:<br />You can use * and ? as wildcards.<br />If you attach ~ to a word, you do a fuzzy search.<br />You can use AND, OR. Grouping is allowed using ( )<br />Emphasize a word using +, use - if a word should not be in the index.<br /><a href\="http\://lucene.apache.org/core/7_2_1/queryparser/org/apache/lucene/queryparser/classic/package-summary.html" target\="_blank">more on search query terms</a><br />
search.logo.lucene=<a href\="http\://lucene.apache.org/java/"><img src\="../images/lucene_green_100.gif" alt\="Lucene" border\="0" /></a>
search.logo.rankingalgorithm=<font size\="3"><b><a href\=http\://rankingalgorithm.tgels.com>RankingAlgorithm</a></b></font>
search.poweredby=Search powered by
searchresult.notfound="{0}" was not found in any topic.
searchresult.title=Search for "{0}"
setup.caption.adminlogin=Admin user login
setup.error.installexists=An existing JAMWiki installation was found with the specified settings.  To restore the <code>jamwiki.properties</code> file for the old installation and (if necessary) begin the JAMWiki upgrade process click the "Continue" button (see the <code>UPGRADE.txt</code> document included in the root of the WAR file for additional details).  Alternately, to set up a new JAMWiki instance the old JAMWiki installation must first be removed, including the JAMWiki database tables.
setup.error.jdk=JAMWiki requires a minimum JDK version of {0}.  The current system is reporting JDK version {1}.
setup.error.migrate=A database migration is being performed, but a JAMWiki instance already exists in the target database.
setup.error.notrequired=System setup is already complete.  View the admin page to change settings.
setup.help.logfile=Information about setup, including details of any errors, is available by default in the system logs.  The log file format and location can be customized using the <code>{0}</code> configuration file.
setup.title=Setup JAMWiki {0}
specialpages.caption.account=User registration
specialpages.caption.allpages=All topics
specialpages.caption.block=Block user
specialpages.caption.blocklist=Blocked IP addresses and usernames
specialpages.caption.categories=All categories
specialpages.caption.export=Export topics
specialpages.caption.filelist=All files
specialpages.caption.imagelist=All images
specialpages.caption.import=Import topics
specialpages.caption.listusers=All users
specialpages.caption.login=User login
specialpages.caption.logout=User logout
specialpages.caption.logs=Wiki logs
specialpages.caption.orphanedpages=Orphaned pages
specialpages.caption.overview=This page provides an index of pages on the wiki that are generated by the software for maintenance, organizational, or other functional purposes.
specialpages.caption.recentchanges=Recent changes
specialpages.caption.setup=Wiki setup
specialpages.caption.topicsadmin=Admin-only topics
specialpages.caption.unblock=Unblock user
specialpages.caption.upgrade=Wiki upgrade
specialpages.caption.vwiki=Virtual wikis
specialpages.heading.administrative=Administrative Pages
specialpages.heading.allusers=Special pages for all users
specialpages.heading.loadingtools=Content Loading Tools
specialpages.heading.usertools=User Account Tools
specialpages.title=Special pages
tab.admin.vwiki=Virtual Wikis
tab.common.viewsource=View Source
topic.caption.editlegend=Editing Controls
topic.category.images=Images in category &quot;{0}&quot;
topic.category.numimages=There are {0} images in category &quot;{1}&quot;
topic.category.numsubcategories=There are {0} sub-categories in category &quot;{1}&quot;
topic.category.numtopics=There are {0} topics in category &quot;{1}&quot;
topic.category.subcategories=Sub-categories for category &quot;{0}&quot;
topic.category.topics=Topics in category &quot;{0}&quot;
topic.file.download=View/Download this file
topic.filehistory=File History
topic.filehistory.click=Click on a date/time to view the file revision from that time.
topic.filesize.bytes={0} bytes
topic.notcreated=The topic "{0}" does not currently exist.  To create it please follow the link\: {1}.
topic.redirect.from=Redirected from {0}
topic.redirect.infinite=The topic has redirected too many times and cannot be be resolved.
topic.sharedImage=This file is hosted in a shared repository.  The original file can be found at\: {0}.
topicsadmin.message.none=There are currently no admin-only topics.
topicsadmin.title=Admin-Only Topics
translation.caption.hidetranslated=Hide entries that have already been translated.
translation.caption.instructions=Please select a language/locale from the drop-down.  To create translations for a new language/locale type the language/locale name into the text box (such as "en" or "en_US") and click "Change".  Valid language and country codes can be found in the <a href\="http\://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/englangn.html" target\="_blank">ISO language code standard</a> and the <a href\="http\://www.iso.ch/iso/en/prods-services/iso3166ma/02iso-3166-code-lists/list-en1.html" target\="_blank">ISO country code standard</a>.  The web application server may need to be restarted for translation changes to become visible on the site.
translation.caption.key=Translation Key / Default Translation
translation.caption.translation={0} Translation
unblock.button.unblock=Unblock user
unblock.caption.overview=Use the form below to restore write access to a specific IP address or login that has previously been blocked.  Blocks will normally expire after a set time without further action being required, so please specify a reason why this block is being ended early.
unblock.caption.reason=Reason for unblocking
unblock.caption.user=IP Address or username
unblock.error.notblocked=User "{0}" is not currently blocked.
unblock.message.success={0} has been unblocked.
unblock.title=Unblock user
upgrade.caption.config=This upgrade will install a new configuration file.  If you have added any customizations (such as custom parser tags) to your configuration you will need to manually add them to the new file\: {0}.
upgrade.caption.database=This upgrade will modify the current database schema.  You are <b>strongly</b> encouraged to backup your database prior to upgrading.
upgrade.caption.detected=An upgrade to JAMWiki has been installed.
upgrade.caption.manual=To upgrade manually rather than using the automatic process see the <code>UPGRADE.txt</code> document included in the root of the WAR file.
upgrade.caption.releasenotes=The release notes for this release are available at <a href\="http\://jamwiki.org/">jamwiki.org</a>.  The <code>CHANGELOG.txt</code> file for this release is included in the root of the WAR file.
upgrade.caption.search=This release upgrades the search index.  Sites with more than {0} topics will need to use the tools on the {1} page to manually rebuild the search index.
upgrade.caption.stylesheet=This upgrade will overwrite the current JAMWiki\:System.css topic.  If you need to restore the previous version it can be retrieved from the topic's history after the upgrade completes.
upgrade.caption.upgradecomplete=Upgrade successful\: {0}
upgrade.caption.upgradefailed=The upgrade has failed.  Please see below and check the logs for any failure messages, and consult the UPGRADE.txt document for details on how to perform a manual upgrade.  Please report this error at <a href\="http\://jamwiki.org/"> jamwiki.org</a> and provide any relevant information in the bug report.
upgrade.error.fatal=A fatal error has occurred while upgrading the system.  Please see the <code>/WEB-INF/UPGRADE.txt</code> document for manual upgrade steps and report any errors in the logs at <a href\="http\://jamwiki.org/">jamwiki.org</a>.  The error message is\: {0}
upgrade.error.nonfatal=An optional step has failed while upgrading the system.  The upgrade will continue and the system will function normally, but view the logs to determine what steps may have failed.  Please see the <code>/WEB-INF/UPGRADE.txt</code> document for manual upgrade steps and report any errors in the logs at <a href\="http\://jamwiki.org/">jamwiki.org</a>.  The error message is\: {0}
upgrade.error.notrequired=No upgrade is currently required.
upgrade.error.oldversion=Upgrading to version {0} from versions older than {1} is not supported.
upgrade.error.search.refresh=The search engine has been upgraded.  Please use the tools on the {0} page to rebuild your search index.
upgrade.message.120.topic.rename=System topic {0} renamed to {1} for virtual wiki {2}.
upgrade.message.db.column.added=Added database column "{0}" to table "{1}".
upgrade.message.db.column.dropped=Dropped database column "{0}" from table "{1}".
upgrade.message.db.column.modified=Modified database column "{0}" in table "{1}".
upgrade.message.db.column.populated=Populated data for column "{0}" in table "{1}".
upgrade.message.db.data.added=Added new record(s) to table "{0}".
upgrade.message.db.data.deleted=Deleted record(s) from table "{0}".
upgrade.message.db.data.updated=Updated record(s) in table "{0}".
upgrade.message.db.object.added=Added database object(s) "{0}".
upgrade.message.db.object.dropped=Dropped database object(s) "{0}".
upgrade.message.db.table.added=Added database table "{0}".
upgrade.message.db.table.dropped=Dropped database table "{0}".
upgrade.message.search.refresh=The search engine has been upgraded and your search index has been rebuilt.
upgrade.message.stylesheet.failure=Non-fatal error while upgrading\: unable to update the JAMWiki stylesheet.  Please report any errors in the logs at <a href\="http\://jamwiki.org/">jamwiki.org</a>.  The error message is\: {0}
upgrade.message.stylesheet.success=Updated stylesheet for virtual wiki "{0}".
upgrade.title=Upgrade from JAMWiki {0} to JAMWiki {1}
upload.caption.destination=Destination Filename
upload.caption.filedescription=File Description
upload.caption.source=Source File
upload.error.directorycreate=Unable to create upload directory {0}.
upload.error.filename=Invalid filename.
upload.error.filenotfound=No file found in upload.
upload.error.filerename=Unable to rename uploaded file to {0}.
upload.error.filetype=Administrative settings for this site do not allowed uploads for files of type "{0}".
upload.error.nodirectory=Uploads not supported, no valid directory to upload into.
upload.help.destination=This field is optional and allows a name other than the source filename to be used for the uploaded file.  Note that filenames should always be given extensions (for example\: ".jpg" or ".txt").
upload.title=File Upload
user.date.format.help=Pages that display dates (recent changes, history, etc) will use the specified date format.
user.date.format.label=Preferred date format
user.default.locale.help=The specified locale is used to determine how labels and other text on the wiki should be displayed.  Note that if translations are not available for a locale then labels will still display in English.
user.default.locale.label=Preferred country &amp; language
user.preferences.group.editing=Editing settings
user.preferences.group.internationalization=Regional and international settings
user.preferred.editor.help=When editing a topic the preferred editor determines what tool to use to assist in editing.  Note that most editors require Javascript support.
user.preferred.editor.label=Preferred editor
user.signature.help=Leave this field blank to use a default pattern in signatures.  To use a custom signature, enter basic text, HTML or wiki markup that will be used as your signature.  Example\: <code>[[User\:user|user]] &amp;bull; ([[User comments\:user|comments]])</code>
user.time.format.help=Pages that display time (recent changes, history, etc) will use the specified time format.
user.time.format.label=Preferred time format
user.timezone.help=The timezone is used to display your current date and time where this applies.
userblock.caption.blockedby=The block was made by {0}.
userblock.caption.end=Expiry of block\: {0}
userblock.caption.honeypot=<b>Reason for block</b>\: Your IP address ({0}) is on the <a href\="http\://www.projecthoneypot.org/" target\="_blank">Project Honeypot</a> blacklist.  This means that malicious activity has originated from your server, or from another server on your shared network.  If you feel that you have been incorrectly blacklisted please contact the site administrator.  Note that if you have an account on this wiki you can still login and edit normally.
userblock.caption.overview=Your user name or IP address has been blocked from creating accounts, editing and uploading files.  If you feel that this block has been applied incorrectly please contact the site administrator.
userblock.caption.reason=The reason given is\: <i>{0}</i>.
userblock.caption.start=Start of block\: {0}
userblock.caption.target=Intended blockee\: {0}
userblock.title=User is Blocked
usermenu.usercomments=User Comments
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viewsource.caption.overview=The wiki markup for {0} is displayed below.  To change this markup please use the "Edit" tab above.  If no "Edit" tab is present then you do not have permission to edit the current topic, and you will either need to login, or if you are already logged-in then please contact the administrator of this wiki and request permission to edit this topic.
viewsource.title=View Source for {0}
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