External tools

jAlbum Tools are extensions to the functionality of the jAlbum application. They can be launched from the External Tools submenu or from the command line (the -runTool switch). A "Tool" is actually a "BeanShell script" that is put in the tools directory folder (Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + C or Menu/Tools/Open directories/config) of the jAlbum install directory. They get their names from their file name and are therefore not translated. Hopefully people will contribute with more tools as time goes by. For all of the tools that are bundled with jAlbum see the Menus help page

In April 2016 a new 'Tools' forum was created for posting tools and extensions.

The following are older tools that are to be found scattered around the forums, so there may be more to find!

Export GPS location to CSV Forum post, the tool.

Export Metadata to text file Forum post, the tool'

Include excluded Images from command line Forum post, the tool

Reading comments from an external database Forum post Code only, no actual tool attached

Relocate images Forum post, the tool