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Créez des albums photo en ligne avec vos images et vos films à l'aide de ce logiciel gratuit. jAlbum permet l'organisation et le montage des images, tout en permettant une grande souplesse dans la présentation. Choisissez parmi de nombreux et puissants skins (Thèmes), ou créer vos propres skins pour obtenir la présentation de galerie que vous souhaitez, puis envoyez l'album vers n'importe quel site avec jAlbum grâce à la prise en charge du transfert FTP intégré. jAlbum est un puissant outil qui reste pourtant facile à utiliser et qui est aimé par les amateurs et les professionnels de la photographie du monde entier!

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Comment fonctionne le logiciel jAlbum ?

Il suffit de glisser-déposer vos images ou même un dossier complet sur jAlbum pour commencer un nouvel album.

Personnalisez l'apparence des albums avec les skins pour jAlbum. Il y a de nombreux skins disponibles, vous pouvez les télécharger gratuitement en suivant le lien ci-dessous.

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Ce que les gens en disent:

  • There are many photo managers, editors and gallery tools available, both free and paid but frankly, jAlbum sticks out with its simplicity, ease of use, high flexibility and power
  • JAlbum is a free Web photo album and slide show generator that's easy to use yet incredibly versatile
  • I was surprised that there is so little talk about such a nifty program. I was tired of using adobe PS web photo gallery maker. I tried a few other album maker, both sharewares and free ones. Found them too rigid, and mostly they were OS dependent. But, then I came across this JAlbum, it has all those features that I had in my never-mentioned wish list. Very flexible (you can easily write your own design with the help of the componets provided, but if you don't want to, then there are many out-of-the-box free skins to apply and ppl are having a good time writing up new interesting skins and sharing them in the community, which you can pick or tweak a little bit to your taste); runs on java - so it does not matter if i am working on xp or Psyche(rh8) (a little slow because of that, but i'll let it get away with 5 mins for 100 photos if i don't have to supervise when it is building my album) and FREE.
  • David, thankyou. jalbum honestly is the best web album tool ive used - ever. The fact you still offer this as freeware does surprise me, though im not going to complain ! Good luck, i really hope things catch on and you make some good money from your project. All the best, clintond.
  • "Great, easy to use photo album."
    Very good program.. no hoops to jump through, just download it and you're ready to go. Nearly idiot-proof.
  • Way easy! A Must for Digital Camera users! Best software for photo gallery users. I've spent over 100 hours developing (Manually) the same thing. I was able to change the template files and had redone my photo gallery in 15 minutes. Took all my pix and made the Thumbnail, HTML Slide for each Pix, HTML index and linked everything. AWESOME! Saved me numerous hours down the road with Holiday pictures.
    Deric Counter
  • A damn fine piece of software! Excellent output, so easy to learn and use, was able to figure out how to tweak the templates and style sheets in no time flat. Just great stuff. Kudos to the developers.
    Jennifer Godwin
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