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Créez des albums photo en ligne entièrement personnalisés avec notre application de bureau primée. Téléchargez vos albums vers votre propre site ou votre compte jalbum.net.

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Créez des albums photo en ligne avec vos images et vos films à l'aide de ce logiciel gratuit. jAlbum permet l'organisation et le montage des images, tout en permettant une grande souplesse dans la présentation. Choisissez parmi de nombreux et puissants skins (Thèmes), ou créer vos propres skins pour obtenir la présentation de galerie que vous souhaitez, puis envoyez l'album vers n'importe quel site avec jAlbum grâce à la prise en charge du transfert FTP intégré. jAlbum est un puissant outil qui reste pourtant facile à utiliser et qui est aimé par les amateurs et les professionnels de la photographie du monde entier!

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Il suffit de glisser-déposer vos images ou même un dossier complet sur jAlbum pour commencer un nouvel album.

Personnalisez l'apparence des albums avec les skins pour jAlbum. Il y a de nombreux skins disponibles, vous pouvez les télécharger gratuitement en suivant le lien ci-dessous.

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Ce que les gens en disent:

  • There are many photo managers, editors and gallery tools available, both free and paid but frankly, jAlbum sticks out with its simplicity, ease of use, high flexibility and power
  • JAlbum is a free Web photo album and slide show generator that's easy to use yet incredibly versatile
  • Hi there David,
    And first of all a big THANK YOU for Jalbum, that's an amazing piece of softare... And at no cost, it's even better! so thanks a lot for all your time and effort in writing it.
  • I downloaded and run JAlbum the other day and What a surprice! This is incredible, the best of the best! I can't say or thank you enough for this great tool. I have spend hours playing with it at home in the past few days. This is by far the best solution I found, and it is Free!!!! I downloaded many program available on the web for free or shareware, and no one has come close to this! Not even some of the ones I purchase at software stores!!! Your program is the most amazing thing and it is so easy to use. Keep up with your great work, we need more peple like you on the web, Once again, THANKS
    Carlos - Port Chester, NY
  • This is one of those "simple yet powerful" pieces of software. You can pump out a standard gallery within 10 seconds of installing the program. Piece of cake - plus it has dozens of different page styles built in. Automatically creates html pages, thumbnails, and full display images from your originals and saves them neatly in a folder you specify. Does camera EXIF info as well! If you put a some work into it, (with some html and stylesheets) you can really put together some fantastic sites. TOTALLY customizable. You can do just about anything via the CSS files and HTML templates. Support, samples, and just about the entire JAlbum website is very helpful as well. Check it out, it's worth a try!
  • Excellent. This powerful tool help me to make my own web-based photo album, most important of all, it's FREE !
    Moreover, the additional layout provided in it's web site provided me with a plenty of choice of ways to present my photo!!
  • exactly as promised!
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