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AndreWolff AndreWolff
4 avr. 2010
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12 avr. 2016

Vous pouvez également installer le skin en décompressant ce fichier dans le dossier skin.


This skin is based upon the "Slide show" skin vs.2.

It is a small HTML5 compliant skin which gives maximum attention to your photos, because it can fill your whole monitor, tablet or TV screen with your photo and the focus is not lead away by other small pictures or text.

Navigation and control is possible via the keyboard on a PC and via one finger swipes on the iPad and other touch screens. If a viewer prefers that interface, he/she can hide all buttons on the screen to get even more emphasis on the photo.

This version adds extra possibilities for the display of GPS locations in Google Maps and Google Earth and for the display of wide panorama photos.
It is adapted for the iPad and other tablets: large buttons for the navigation and background music via html 5 instead of a flash player.

This skin allows you to use one central resources folder for all your albums.

It can play movies (but no longer with jAlbum 11) and slide changes can be done with one of 6 transition effects (selectable by the viewer) or all in a random way.

You can display the slide show embedded in your web page with an iframe and you can start the slide show from a link on your web page without displaying the index page with thumb-nails.

This skin is now obsolete and succeeded by the 'Slide Show 4' skin, which has the same or better features in a compacter implementation.

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Historique des versions

3.9.22 12 avr. 2016 (Actuelle)

Audio player moved to the bottom of the index page.
It is now possible to select fixed-ratio thumbnails.

3.9.21 24 nov. 2012

Bug fix: problem with the handling of the last slide with the Internet Explorer solved..

3.9.20 18 nov. 2012

Predefined styles added.

3.9.19 13 nov. 2012

You can now also use quick swipes on the index page on an iPad.
The slide page on the iPad is no longer closed by a 2 finger pinch close gesture but by a quick swipe down as is used on the index page.
You can now copy an mp3 file to the resources folder to be played by the html5 player.

3.9.18 1 nov. 2012

Bug fixes:
If you tried to get Help by pressing the H key while a slide was shown, it did not work,
Image is now larger if there was no comment and comment was in the border.
There was a problem with the timer if the slide show was stopped and next continued.

3.9.17 11 oct. 2012

Adapted so that all slide pages can be compressed to a new file slidePageSS3.html with my program EditPhotoInfo vs 4.2
By doing this image flickering on a Windows PC with the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome is removed.
The hint of a thumb on the index page shows now the file name and the description of a picture.

3.9.16 28 sept. 2012

English Help text for the iPad improved.
It is now always possible to show the English Help as a new page.
Display of description in the border improved and the color of the text can be selected on the 'General' tab.
Layout of the 'General' tab improved.

3.9.15 26 sept. 2012

The Close button is now visible in the Help window if a fixed res folder is used.
You can use now a background image for the index page and another background image for the slide pages.
You can define a border for the thumb images.
You should check 'Allow widgets' on the general panel if you like to use the features of the 'Settings/Widgets' page.
The thumbs are now aligned in the middle of a row.
The slide description can now also be displayed below a slide in the border.

3.9.14 21 août 2012

Definable thumbs cell width introduced.
User should now set "Use slide show embedded" to use slide show embedded.
The display of Help is improved.
Bug fixes.

3.9.13 4 juil. 2012

This version improves the display of movies in the slide show: the next slide or movie is automatically started if a movie finishes playing..

You see also minor changes in the layout of the index page.

3.9.12 30 mars 2012

Added: preloading next image in a slide page.

3.9.11 21 mars 2012

Bug fix: the colors defined in the 'General tab’‚ were not copied to the css file.

3.9.10 13 mars 2012

A problem with the buttons if 2 or more index pages were used is now corrected.
The .gif navigation buttons are replaced by .png format buttons, because they blend better with the background.

3.9.9 3 mars 2012

This version solves a problem with movies, with keyboard support for FireFox and allows zooming with your fingers on an iPad.

3.9.8 27 janv. 2012

t is now possible to use a relative path like ../../res for the fixed resources folder. The pre-loading of images has been improved and a bug with the slide border has been corrected.

3.9.7 29 déc. 2011

Smaller albums because most of the javascript code in the slide pages has been moved to a common module.

3.9.6 28 déc. 2011

Bug fix: viewing time 3 sec was not possible

3.9.5 27 déc. 2011

You can now choose any color as backgound for the slide and index page.
It is also possible to add a Facebook Like button to the index page.
The pre-loading of the next image has been improved.

3.9.4 11 déc. 2011

The link to Google Maps on slide pages to show the location of the exposure can now be made in JAlbum. To ceate the same link in Google Earth you still require the EditPhotoInfo program.

3.9.3 2 déc. 2011

One new effect added (Compress) and a bug in the Album description fixed: It is now possible to insert cr/lf via the Enter key and use the " and \ characters in the album description text without an error message.

3.9.2 16 nov. 2011

The problem with the display of slide shows in an iframe with the Internet Explorer has been solved.

3.9.1 11 nov. 2011

Bug fix: Clip effect removed, because it is not correctly working on centered images.

3.9.0 10 nov. 2011

Six transition effects are now available and you can also select now All, a combination of all possible effects, randomly selected per slide.

You can display now the slide show embedded in your web page with an iframe and you can start the slide show from a link on your web page without displaying the index page with thumb-nails. For an example and a description of these techniques see

The viewing time per slide, the applied slide transition effect, transition effect time and whether the navigation buttons should be displayed on slides are defined on the general tab. These values are also used as defaults for the selection boxes on the index page.

3.8.0 29 oct. 2011

In this version are 4 new transitions effects added, The viewer selects the transition effect he/she likes. The album creator can now change the text on the buttons of the index page. On small mobile devices, the full screen mode is selected automatically.

3.7.0 13 oct. 2011

In version 3.7 is a fading effect in the slide transition added (with Fade time>0). More caption types are possible and the user settings are saved for use next time.

3.6.0 7 oct. 2011

This version extends the navigation and control via the keyboard on a PC and via one finger swipes on the iPad for the links to Google Earth and Google Maps (requires my program EditPhotoInfo version 4.0.4)
The index page supports now also control via the keyboard on a PC. More information is available via the a help button.
The fast key for help on the slide or index page is changed from F1 into H.
All standard links on the index page controls are now buttons, to offer easy input for a viewer both on a PC and on an iPad.
The up-arrow link can now return the focus to a named open parent window. Use this to build a tree of albums and keep the top window open for the background music. For an example see

3.5.0 23 sept. 2011

This version adds navigation and control via the keyboard on a PC and via one finger swipes and two fingers gestures on the iPad.
Via a help button on the index page or the F1 key on a slide page you can pop-up a small window with a description of the user interface.
To put more emphasis to the photo in a slide show a viewer can hide the navigation buttons on the screen.
In the previous version there were sometimes scroll bars visible in full screen mode, but these are removed in this version.
This version allows you to put a border around a slide, with free selectable colours and thickness. It is now also possible to select a stop after the last slide or to contnue in a loop.
All input controls are now selection boxes, to offer easy input for a viewer both on a PC and on an iPad.

3.4.0 11 sept. 2011

The new version plays now movies.
If a fixed res folder is used, the standard jAlbum res folder is deleted automatically.
Code adapted for the W3C validation service so that the code could successfully be checked as HTML5.

3.3.0 19 août 2011

In version 3.3 is the user interface improved: you don't need to specify the used user variables.

The possibility to use a fixed resources folder is introduced, so if you have many albums, they can use all the same res folder.

Because I can't include screendumps and links in a description above, the full description is on my weblog:

3.2.0 31 juil. 2011

Version 3.2 contains more improvements for the presentation of albums on small touch screens like the iPad.

The buttons are enlarged to 50x50 px and if you like you can replace the buttons by your own buttons.

The Google Earth and Google Maps text links are replaced by buttons. The slide show presentation stops now if you click on such a button.<br />
Version 4.0.1 of my program EditPhotoInfo (see )is required to add the Google Earth and Google Maps buttons.

The html audio player which you select with user variable 'audio' works now too with the Internet Explorer

3.1.0 3 juil. 2011

This version has the folowing changes:

1. Larger (36x36 px) buttons for use on small touch screens like the iPad. If you like you can load your own larger or smaller buttons in the res directory under the same names. An example of 50x50px buttons is here:

2. It is now possible to use the standard html5 audio player instead of the FlashPlayer. To do this define a user variable 'audio' and make the value equal to the MP3 file to be played, for example ''. In this way you can play music on the iPad where the flash player is not working. This works fine on the iPad (but no Autostart) and under Windows with the Google Chrome browser, but IE9 and Firefox do not play the audio track. Do not check the 'Add Music' checkbox if you like to use the html5 player. If you check the 'Add Music' checkbox, you can still apply the Flashplayer.

3. The user variable homePage is now used on the index page for the Up link (was parentIndexPage in the previous versions).

4. The pause/play button did not work correctly in the previous versin, this has been corrected.

3.0.5 16 avr. 2011

Only text changes

3.0.4 12 avr. 2011

Minor changes and English version of program EditPhotoInfo introduced.

3.0.3 23 avr. 2010

A new user variable htmlCode has been added. You can assign html code to this variable. The code will be inserted after the other links.

For an example see my album

The value of htmlCode in that album was:

<a href= target="_blank">&nbsp; De Doorbraak website &nbsp;</a> <a href=>&nbsp; Home &nbsp;</a></p> <p> <a href="javascript:closeup('slides/DB_100414_1337.html')">Start dia show met grote panorama foto's &nbsp;</a> <a href=indexDPL3.html>&nbsp;Start Flash speler dia show</a>

3.0.2 20 avr. 2010

The links were not correctly closed, this is now corrected.

3.0.1 6 avr. 2010

Enhancements in version 3.01

If the user variable title is not defined, the Album Title will be displayed as Title on the index page..

If the Album description is not empty, this description will be displayed below the pictures on the index page.

Maximum 6 links can be displayed at the bottom of the index page. The links are defined by the user variables in the following order: linkPrevAlbum, linkTracklog, linkGoogleMap, linkGoogleEarth, linkHome and linkNextAlbum. The value of such a user variable is equal to the URL of the link. And the link texts is defined in the file. The first and last link are links to preceding and following albums. The linkHome is a link to the Home page. The other links are used to download a GPS track log file and to show the track and/or locations of the photos in Google Map or Google Earth. It is of course possible to use these user variables for other type of links, but in that case you have to edit the link text in the file.

With a user variable imgProfile you can display an image below the links. The value is the URL of the image. I use it to show the profile of a GPS track, see the sample album for this skin.

In the sample album the following user variables have been used:

User_label Value
copyright Copyright &copy; 2010 <a href="" target="_blank">André Wolff</a>


linkGoogleEarth map.kmz
linkGoogleMap slides/map.htm
imgProfile profiel.gif

Links to programs for making maps of GPS tracks are on my GPS-page:

The sample Album was made with slide picture format 1920x1000 and JPEG-quality 25

3.0 4 avr. 2010

This skin is derived from Slide Show skin vs.2.

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Licence Pro à expiration nullRon est un généreux donateur

il y a 10 moisRon

Need to update this Slide Show or get someone else to do it for you.


il y a 10 moisAndreWolff

This skin is now obsolete and succeeded by the 'Slide Show 4' skin, which has the same or better features in a compacter implementation.

Rhalstead dispose d'un compte de stockage Premium

il y a 5 ansRhalstead

I like this skin very much. I will be taking some Paramedic pictures soon and this looks like a great way to display them. Is there a way to force the program to go to the next slide when a video (AVI) format finishes playing? Robert Halstead


il y a 4 ansAndreWolff

In the new version 3.9.13 tehe next movie or photo is automatically displayed if a movie finishes playing

Rhalstead dispose d'un compte de stockage Premium

il y a 5 ansRhalstead

Sorry about my typing, I meant Panoramic. RH

Licence Pro pour jAlbum 11.x

il y a 5 ansstijnman

Yep, installed the skin again, and now it's working.

Licence Pro pour jAlbum 11.x

il y a 5 ansstijnman

I am getting an error when trying to generate an album Evaluation error on line -1: Details: Sourced file: inline evaluation of: `` if (albumDescription.length() > 0) out.print("" + "test andere skins " . . . '' Token Parsing Error: Lexical error at line 3, column 38. Encountered: "\n" (10), after : "\"test andere skins" jAlbum 10.1.2


il y a 5 ansAndreWolff

This problem is solved in the new version 3.9.3