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Present your images in a simple and amazing way.
This skin is all about your images. They are presented on the whole screen and the menu is only for navigation.

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21 oct. 2013
Dernière mise à jour
1 juin 2016
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L'utilisation commerciale n'est autorisée que si vous avez une licence Pro jAlbum.
Les modifications du skin sont autorisées.

Historique des versions

1.8.3 1 juin 2016 (Actuelle)

Fully supports Korean language!
Special thanks to kolanp, who translated the skin settings and the tool-tips!

bugfix: video controls were not appended to video after click on thumbnail

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Emanuele Guerrieri

Emanuele Guerrieri il y a 3 mois

HI. Titles are overlapped and there only one word for row. How to solve?


Patrice il y a 4 mois

Hello, In version 1..80 and above (tried 1.8.3 as well), it seems that I have issues with Yanone font on Windows 10. Have to revert to version 1.7.2 to have the skin working with this Font. When I choose other fonts I see them randered not well The "text that links to the root folder" is way too large as well Is there anything special that has to be done ? Thanks !


Patrice il y a 4 mois

I'm sorry to have posted this here. Will find answers in Forums ...


devalois il y a 5 mois

Hello, I have a problem in the video section of my page icon play is not seen. Another problem is that it goes to the next video , you see only the first , you can help ? Thank you this is my web: http://www.artefenollarphoto.com/


Elorza il y a 6 mois

Hye Pascal, It's possible to change the color black in back page??? Like white ;-) Best regards Alain

Sasa Pupovac

Sasa Pupovac il y a 6 mois

How can I add right click to download each photo of web-album? Or is is possible to add some sort of script to do that?

Pascal Walter

Pascal Walter il y a 6 mois

You can enable that function by checking the "Allow Download on right click for media" - checkbox in the skin settings.