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Re: FTP Clients
Posted: 10-Mar-2004 22:50   in response to: LauraS in response to: LauraS
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I use Core FTP It free and easy to use. I didnt like the instal of WS-ftp to many questions

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Re: FTP Clients
Posted: 10-Aug-2004 22:13   in response to: davidekholm in response to: davidekholm
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Thanks David

It's working fine :)


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Re: FTP Clients
Posted: 27-Apr-2005 01:24   in response to: LauraS in response to: LauraS
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People, Don´t forget FTP Voyager... ( ). Very fine product. For the serious computer user.

I always used Total Commander tough.
( )

Can´t live without it. Simply put.

Thank you,

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Heavy Doody

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Re: FTP Clients
Posted: 22-Jun-2005 03:59   in response to: LauraS in response to: LauraS
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For the most part, I exclusively use Dreamweaver's built-in FTP program. It's not a great FTP program, but the check-in/check-out is something I don't think I could operate without. It's basically a way to make sure people are updating the most recent versions of everything, if there are multiple people working on the same files.

I don't actually work with other people on sites much, but I do work from multiple computers. So, if I have something checked out on my laptop, I can't edit it on my desktop until I check it back in from my laptop.

As far as pure FTP programs go, nothing has worked better for me than BulletProof FTP:

Like many other FTP programs, it allows you to resume a transfer, should you need to continue transferring a file later. However, BPFTP has worked, what I consider to me, miracles for me in this area...

One time I was uploading a 500 MB file. Halfway through the upload, our power went out and my computer instantly shut down. Once the power came back on, I turned my computer on, launched BPFTP and it picked up right where it left off.

I've seen a lot of FTP programs allow you to do planned resumes, or resume when a server boots you off, but after BPFTP picked up where it left off after a total crash, I'm pretty much sold for life.

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Re: FTP Clients
Posted: 17-Jul-2005 15:16   in response to: LauraS in response to: LauraS
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My album is on a Linux server and since SSH1 was hacked and some major hacks was made with/through FTP they've banned FTP. Thus I use SCP or SFTP. I've got a fairly large webalbum so my goal is to find a program that lets me synchronize my local computer with the server over-night. I've tried voyager-FTP but that program ate all my RAM and then crashed my computer (an old laptop). After a week of correspondence with their support I/we realized that I either need to get a lot more than 256MB RAM or change program. I then tried winSCP which is a great freeware-thing except two things: 1. It will randomly disconnect from a SSH2-server due to some bug and 2. During a synchronization it freaked and jumped up in my file-hierarchy and erased 8GB of original photos. Trust me on this, it was not of my doing =/ Currently I'm testing if CuteFTP will meet my demands. So far it's the best of the three, if you disregard the price ;)

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Re: FTP Clients
Posted: 29-Sep-2014 16:07   in response to: LauraS in response to: LauraS
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FTP Manager Lite is an excellent modern free FTP and SFTP client software. The clean interface is super easy to use. It will perform your files transfers quickly and efficiently. One of the best freeware FTP clients that also supports FXP.

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Most likely a spam post, either way the Lite version does not support FXP, according to the webpage. Also, it is Windows only. Link removed
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