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AppleScript to export Finder file comments to csv file.
Posted: 27-Aug-2020 18:41
This AppleScript was made for a specific user, but is posted here should anyone else have comments written to Finder's 'get info' window's comments field. It is a two step process, run the script and then in jAlbum import the comments via Menu/File/Import/From database file…

The AppleScript will create a csv file, with the image name and the comment of all images having a Finder info comment. Images without comments are ignored.

If you are not familiar with AppleScript:
Put the script in your Library folder, under 'Scripts/My Scripts'.
Open Script Editor - Applications/Utilities/Script Editor.
Open Preferences/General and check 'Show Script menu in menu bar'
Quit Script Editor (or open and run the script file if interested in what it does)
From the menu bar select Script icon (a scroll) and then select 'My Scripts/Finder info comments to csv file'.
Navigate to and select the directory containing your images then click 'Choose'.
When completed the script will alert you.

In jAlbum open the project with your images and then go to Menu/File/Import/From database file…
Select the comments.csv file in the root folder of your images directory.
In section 2 control click on the filename and map it to File name.
Control click on the comment and map it to Description
Click start.
Close the import window
Check an image or two to confirm comments have been imported.
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