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Tool to extract data from filename
Posted: 26-Aug-2020 22:00
This tool was made to solve a specific issue, it may however have general use.
It process all files in a project except for web locations, web pages and a project's 'res' folder. It takes the filename of an object and manipulates it, applying the result to either the title or keywords fields.

It splits compound words and words separated by '_', so 'TwelveMonkeys' will result in 'Twelve Monkeys'; 'SOME123OtherText'' will result in 'SOME123 Other Text'.

Numbers can be split into words, so 'SOME123OtherText'' will result in 'SOME 123 Other Text'.

The tool has several options, present when it is run, they are:
Test it by printing the results to the System console;
Choose title or keywords as the target field;
Treat numbers as words;
Enter a space separated list of words to be ignored;
For keywords, set the minimum length a word must be to be included.

Place the attached in the 'tools' subfolder of jAlbum's configuration folder (CMD/CNTRL +C).
Run it from Menu>Tools>External tools>Extract data from filenames.

Always run it in test mode first, so you can see the effects and if necessary make a list of files for manual editing. The tool can't know the context of any filename, but if you want to use the data it contains this will make it much easier for you.

As usual, use at your own risk. Any problems post in the external tools forum, this thread is locked to prevent replies.
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