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Posted: 17-May-2018 22:18
This tool converts project settings from proprietary formats to standard jAlbum formats.

It has been released to coincide with BluPlusPlus version 5 beta.

It also supports Mirage. If Mirage 5.4.1 or earlier is installed, SettingsConverter must be run after upgrading Mirage. Since Mirage 5.5 was released in 2009, this probably doesn't affect anybody. However, I included Mirage in the release because it gave me a useful test environment. Previously, the "Converter skin" converted Mirage settings; this is obsolete and has been deleted.

In the future, SettingsConverter will also support ExhibitPlus.

Refer to the attached file SettingsConverter.pdf for more details.

The first message in this forum describes how to install the tool.

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Fixed the title in the Tools menu.

Edited by: ctwist on 26-Jun-2018 18:36
Version 2 is attached.

Posts: 542
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Re: SettingsConverter
Posted: 27-Jun-2018 00:41   in response to: ctwist in response to: ctwist
Version 2 adds support for jAlbum 16. It now looks for in the .jalbum subfolders.
If you have run SettingsConverter since installing jAlbum 16, download version 2 and run it again.
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