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Improved tag syntax
Posted: 14-Mar-2018 15:11
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jAlbum 15.3 got a new generic iterator tag called ja:iterator. It iterates over both hidden objects and web pages. This enables skin developers to produce custom menus from web pages by simply writing a script in html context (sample from Zigzag skin):
<div class="menu">
<ja:iterator category="webPage,folder">
  <a href="${closeupPath}">${title}</a>
Notice that you're allowed to specify several comma separated categories in the iterator filter.

jAlbum 15.3.1, available as a core update, now also adds the ability to specify a list of categories for the category test, like this:
<ja:if category="webPage, image, video">...</ja:if>

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Re: Improved tag syntax
Posted: 19-Mar-2018 17:44   in response to: davidekholm in response to: davidekholm
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Already using it in a new skin I'm working on. This skin will support only images - no videos, no webloc's, no pages, etc. - so a selective iterator is perfect.
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