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Poor quality on screen (display)
Posted: 24-Oct-2017 09:51
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Hello all

I'am using Jalbum for 5 mayby 6 years now.
At the moment i'am using the Tiger skin for all my albums.
But i have a poor quality on the computer screen and i already reseved a fiew complains
about it.
Looking serious at the screen and i think they are right.
What can i do to improve the quality of the images on the screen
Its not the original pictures they are ok
Who helps me out with te settings to improve the quality
Check my website and see for your self

Regards Gerard Spaans The Netherlands

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Re: Poor quality on screen (display)
Posted: 24-Oct-2017 10:17   in response to: GerardSpaans in response to: GerardSpaans
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First off it's not the skin who's responsible for the image quality. jAlbum does the resizing, according to the "Settings / Images" settings. I don't really see any IQ problems on your site looking at the pictures in 1:1. If I set "Fit to screen" on a HD screen some blurriness appears - still hard to spot. On the internet it's always about the compromises. You can opt for the highest possible quality but all visitors need to cope with 3 times larger files, which results in slower picture changes and much more data on mobiles.

You might want to raise the image size to 1400x1000 for example, and use JPEG quality 90. There's no point in going above 90%, because the file size grows extensively. Also, "Settings / Tiger / Lightbox / Main image / Never scale up" ensures the images don't get scaled up - if you think so. "Scaling" = "Original size" will ensure the visitors see the original size when they visit the site first.

I made an image quality test and the winner was Photoshop. Around 60-70% JPEG quality you get the best results. Generate the properly sized pictures in PhotoShop and feed jAlbum with those - once they are properly sized, jAlbum will not resize them.
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