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Alter Tiger skin
Posted: 03-Oct-2017 15:57
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until now I still use the Turtle skin, but experimented with Tiger since early release. Today I gave Tiger again a try, just switched the skin, <F9> and the result looked pretty perfect. There is still one thing I'm missing.

Because I do write a lot of text in folder comments I changed the Turtle skin files index.htt:

<ja:include page="${item0}.inc" />
<div class="jive-quote"><div>${description}</div></div><br/> <%-- !!MD added --%>
<ja:if exists="item1"><ja:include page="${item1}.inc" /></ja:if>


	<!--[if IE]><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge"><![endif]-->
<%--	<title>${_title}</title> !!MD removed --%>
	<title>${albumTitle}</title> <%-- !!MD added --%>
	<ja:if exists="captionClean"><meta name="description" content="${captionClean}"></ja:if>

					<ja:if test="<%= showBreadcrumbPath && !util.isEmpty(breadcrumbPath) %>"><div class="breadcrumb"><div class="cont"><%= breadcrumbPath.replaceAll("a><a", "a>&raquo;<a"); %></div></div></ja:if>
<%-- !!MD	removed				<ja:if test="${pageType}" value="index"><ja:if exists="caption"><div class="description">${caption}</div></ja:if></ja:if>  --%>

I tried to transfer that to the Tiger skin, but there is still something missing.

Original tiger skin result:

With my transferred alterations from the Turtle skin to Tiger skin:

What do I have to do to get rid of any comment text for folders in the area of the upper part, see screen shot?

What I changed:

Thanks in advance, Markus

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Re: Alter Tiger skin
Posted: 04-Oct-2017 10:28   in response to: MarkusD in response to: MarkusD
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If you change the templates it will be a hassle every time you want to upgrade the skin. Can't you simply put the code in the predefined hooks? You can add custom content at the top of the page ("Header"), at the bottom of the page ("Footer"), to the <body> tag, and you can even create a custom section and move anywhere within the sections, see "Settings / Tiger / Sections / Custom content". Move the section on the right, "Ordering" box.

The page header template can be modified through the "Settings / Tiger / Header / Hero / Caption template" box. Just remove:
<div class="description">${description}</div>

... or the whole thing if you prefer.

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Re: Alter Tiger skin
Posted: 04-Oct-2017 22:33   in response to: Laza in response to: Laza
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Perfect! That's much better than manually editing the skin files. Thanks a lot.

Edited by: MarkusD on 04-Oct-2017 22:59 (deleted the original uploaded files)
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