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Mirage: Variant Slide Show
Posted: 08-May-2017 17:28
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"Variant Slide Show" is a new feature in Mirage 8. This is similar to the slide shows in other skins, except that it only shows the variant images on the current page. If you are unfamiliar with variants, refer to Mirage.pdf section 8.4.

This works well, but I consider it to be experimental, since I am not sure how people will want to use it.

  • The slide show handles all types of album object.
  • An image is displayed for the “delay” period in the settings.
  • Videos, including YouTube and Vimeo, are shown until the video finishes. The slide show then moves on to the next variant.
  • If the slide show loses focus (e.g. the user opens a different window), it pauses. It resumes when it re-gains the focus.
  • If the variant is a link to a web page, this opens in a separate browser tab and the slide show pauses. To resume the slide show, select the original tab.
  • To pause the slide show, click the current variant’s thumbnail.
  • To skip the current variant, click the next variant thumbnail.
  • To stop the slide show, click any other variant thumbnail.
  • To restart the slideshow, click the browser's refresh button.

There are no new buttons; I don't think we need them. I really prefer not to create new buttons for the 43 styles.

Some ideas:
  • Image slideshow: It is easier to view your photos if the slideshow does the work. If you decide to "take over", all of the thumbnails are visible on the current page, so you can easily skip backwards or forwards.
  • YouTube Playlist
    • Create a slide page that contains a list of favourite YouTube videos, and watch them play sequentially. At any point, click the YouTube icon to jump to the YouTube website where you can search for related videos; when you have finished, return to the album and the slideshow continues where you interrupted it.
  • Video Collage
    • Your camera captured a few short videos. Instead of splicing them with a video editor, add them to a Mirage album as variants. If you want to remove some junk from the beginning or end of a video, use jAlbum's video cropping tool. When you open this album page, the videos play continuously.

I am interested in your feedback.
  • Is this a useful feature?
  • I could extend the slide show to play all items in the folder, similar to other skins. Is there a demand for this?

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